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d-Wise appoints VP of d-Wise Europe and establishes German office in response to rapid international growth

  • Demand for d-Wise’s clinical trials de-identification solutions soars following new regulatory demands in Europe
  • The strategic choice of Frankfurt puts d-Wise in the centre of a major pharmaceutical hub in the largest economy in the EU


Morrisville, NC, - d-Wise Technologies, a leading global technology consultancy, clinical software provider, and SAS U.S. Partner of the Year 2017, has confirmed its European expansion plans with news that it has appointed a VP for Europe and that it will open new offices in Frankfurt, Germany in January 2018. The developments are in response to a sharp surge in demand for d-Wise’s clinical trials de-identification solutions, following new regulatory requirements in Europe, such as EMA Policy 0070 concerning patient privacy as clinical trials information is shared beyond company boundaries.

The strategic push into mainland Europe will be driven by d-Wise’s newly-appointed VP of d-Wise Europe, Samantha Warden, who assumes responsibility for developing and implementing d-Wise global growth strategy on the mainland, developing new business, and overseeing the recruitment of top talent in the region.

Ms Warden, who brings to the role more than 25 years of successful global life science project delivery and operations consulting, will position d-Wise to deliver more EU-led projects and build deeper relationships with clients that have a global presence in Germany and Europe more broadly. She is a qualified chartered manager with an advanced life sciences degree and an MBA, and has extensive experience in facilitation, process improvement, and project management. She has previously held leadership positions at Covance, Merck Serono and GlaxoSmithKline.

Commenting on d-Wise’s European expansion strategy, John Leveille, the company’s CEO and co-founder, said: “One of the key strategic reasons behind d-Wise’s decision to open an office in Frankfurt was the tremendous market opportunity and economic health of the region. Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany and home to a multitude of biopharmaceutical manufacturers, CROs, and healthcare organizations – companies that need expert help so they can meet the increasing needs to support privacy and transparency regulations, on top of substantial process modernization demands. We have built our business on meeting these needs.”


On her appointment to the role of VP Europe, Ms Warden said: “I feel privileged and full of anticipation to have this opportunity in front of me, and the chance to build our team of highly skilled experts. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be actively looking for professionals with a blend of clinical data business expertise and technical know-how to provide genuine business value to our clients in mainland Europe.  Opening the Frankfurt office is the first step in securing new projects and growing our local workforce to facilitate this growth, and we expect 2018 to be an exciting and busy year.”

  • Life sciences and healthcare organizations with operations in Europe who are interested to learn more about d-Wise products and services or speak to an expert are invited to contact Samantha Warden at or visit
  • d-Wise is looking for highly qualified and passionate individuals to join its team in Europe. Those interested in the opportunity to be part of this exciting expansion can view the available positions at

About d-Wise

d-Wise Technologies, Inc. is a technology leader with the expertise to empower world-class life science and healthcare organizations to resolve their business optimization challenges, and help them rapidly harness change by leveraging data, systems and processes to gain competitive advantage.

The d-Wise Life Sciences Practice has been providing clinical advisory and modernization services to our clients for over fourteen years. d-Wise consultants engage with life science clients to adopt a progressive and comprehensive approach to modernizing clinical trials through well-designed solutions and processes.

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