Acceleration Blueprint:
Assess. Design. Prototype.

Insource Innovation.

Through design thinking principles, d-wise develops future solutions that meet business needs. With close to two decades of experience, d-wise blends deep technology knowledge, broad clinical trial experience and leading technology innovation to deliver an actionable blueprint. This documented road map plans your clinical computing environment, innovating your organization's clinical trial execution, analysis, and submission. 

Move forward and create with Acceleration Services covering solution design and implementation.  Finally, go-live with our Cloud Services as we provide hosting and support for on-premise, private cloud and public cloud.  

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Clinical Blueprint
  • Systems Misaligned

    Siloed business groups and technologies lead to disconnected systems, inefficiencies and data integrity risks.

  • Talent Management

    People, processes, and technology not aligned causing stress on talent management. 

  • Data Security and Risk Mitigation

    Manual processes and sub par technology jeopardizes quality and introduces significant data integrity risk.

“We follow trends and participate in many collaborations, looking to modernize.  Through our partnership we meet our goal to use technology, standards, and tools as a competitive advantage.”- Global Pharma, Data Standards Leader

Key Features

The Acceleration Blueprint streamlines data flow and optimizes both resources and technology utilizing the following most common service offerings:

  • Design thinking User Experience Approach
  • Market Assessment
  • Current State Assessment
  • Submission Readiness Review
  • Future State Road-map
  • High-level architecture Design
  • Data Standards Strategy

What makes the Acceleration Blueprint different?

d-wise designs and prototypes systems that provide frictionless access to data.
With almost two decades of expertise across life science business, R&D and IT, our consultants significantly increase products’ speed-to-market, allowing clients to focus on science.
  • #1: Most trusted clinical technologists and business experts for data-science innovation
  • Independent: Vendor, Software, and Language independence maximizes value to our clients
  • UX based design and prototyping
  • 150+ Life Science, CRO & Medical Device Clients
  • 75% Top 20 Global Pharma Clinical System Modernizations