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Document & Data Sharing for Life Sciences

Take advantage of an on-demand, flexible outsource service designed to measure risk and anonymize data and documents within strict sharing deadlines. Leveraging Blur anonymization software, our team of transformation experts provide swift data and document anonymization and quantifiable risk measurements so your organization can confidently share on any scale.

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Solution Overview

Data and document sharing pose significant challenges, even for well-established Life Sciences companies. Conflicting regulatory guidelines, legacy data sets, countless global registries, insufficient resources dedicated to disclosure, and complex lifecycle management processes are just a few of the obstacles that make it easy to miss important sharing deadlines.

De-Identification Services provided by Instem help sponsors meet regulatory guidelines for public disclosure and internal sharing to confidently and consistently share on any scale. Available on-demand and without investment into additional software or internal resources, the transparency experts at Instem will anonymize and measure risk for data sets and clinical study reports and can provide redaction services when necessary.

What Makes De-Identification by Instem Different?

Instem and partner Claritidox provide an automated, cohesive, and replicable approach to sharing data and documents within an ever-changing regulatory landscape, clients can expect:

  • Full or partial outsourced model, customized to meet your organization’s needs
  • On-demand resource scaling
  • Unified repeatable approach to data and documents
  • Systematic risk quantification in a controlled auditable system

Dozens of top sponsors, academic institutes and the Vivli sharing platform have partnered with Instem to achieve the following:


Insource innovation with the #1 tool for anonymization and quantifiable risk measurement.  Built in collaboration with enterprise pharmaceutical sponsors, Blur is the efficient solution for scaling anonymization and quantitative risk.  With its user centered design, risk assessment engine and NLP capabilities, Blur is the tool dozens of sponsors have chosen to share clinical data and associated documents consistently.

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Transparency Strategy

d-wise and our transparency partners future-proof sharing processes at Life Science organizations. Our team of global regulatory affairs, change management and data privacy experts lead multiple assessments, ultimately providing one clear actionable step-by-step plan for sponsors to share on any scale.

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Data & Document Anonymization

Having an expert perform and certify the anonymization for your organization ensures compliance, patient privacy, and timelines being met. Seamlessly transfer your data sets and/or clinical study report documents through secure FTP transfer and allow our experts to anonymize your data sets and/or documents and provide quantifiable risk measurements and anonymization reports.

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We want to do our part by sharing to encourage medical innovation; however, changing regulations and balancing patient privacy against utility, places absurd stress on our people and processes.Privacy Officer, Global Pharma