De-Identification Services
Outsource Anonymization

De-identification Services

Document & Data Sharing for Life Sciences

d-wise enables sponsors to share data and documents on any scale by combining a team of experts with Blur - the #1 product in anonymization and quantifiable risk measurement .

Multiple clients depend on our expert team, software, and strategies to provide regulatory requests under EMA Policy 0070 and Health Canada Public Release of Clinical Information, while preparing data and documents for research sharing.

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De-identification Services

Solution Offerings

Your organization needs automated data and document sharing processes; d-wise and partner Claritidox enhance those processes with these vital benefits:

  • Full or partial outsourced model, customized to meet your organization’s needs
  • On-demand resource scaling
  • Unified repeatable approach to data and documents
  • Systematic risk quantification in a controlled auditable system

What makes De-Identification Services from d-wise different?

d-wise and partner Claritidox employ methodologies designed to implement an automated, cohesive, and replicable approach to sharing data and documents: effectively, efficiently, and appropriately within an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

  • 5+: Years of Data and Document Sharing
  • 11+: Global Life Science Clients
  • 30+: Policy 0070 Submissions
  • 5500+ Redacted Documents
  • Powered by Blur - the #1 product for quantifiable risk identification & anonymization
“We want to do our part by sharing to encourage medical innovation; however, changing regulations and balancing patient privacy against utility, places absurd stress on our people and processes.”- Privacy Officer, Global Pharma
  • Demanding Agency Deadlines

  • Lack of Resources and Processes

  • Inconsistent Sharing Demands