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Maximize the Cloud for Biometrics

Beyond just moving to the cloud for storage purposes, the Cloud Enablement offering by Instem allows pharmaceutical companies to migrate their current system into a secure cloud-based environment, deploy containerization, and utilize micro-services that can cut costs, increase performance, and increasing flexibility. 

From developing or adopting a new cloud-based system to experienced guidance on cloud capabilities, our team of certified AWS, GCP and Azure  technology experts are here to help your life science organization fully maximize all that cloud technology has to offer.

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Cloud-Based System Expertise for Pharmaceutical Organizations

Adopting cloud hosting is not a straightforward, one-for-one process as many might think. Pharmaceutical companies of all sizes and experience are often ill-equipped to handle the strategizing, resource management, and validation documentation required for these endeavours.

Similarly, many organizations often lack the expertise needed to handle troubleshooting and IT support in-house. The Cloud Enablement offering takes on selecting, managing and designing the process for validation so that teams can focus on what matters - the science.

Technology Integration Expertise and Support

Every companies’ needs are different. After an initial assessment of your organization’s needs and current state, our experts will determine what sort of cloud enablement efforts are needed for your organization’s specific environment and goals. Simultaneously, our QA teams work hand in hand with internal teams to understand your current validation challenges and offer recommendations on how to address these obstacles.

Once the best course of action has been identified, our team will help execute next steps, regardless of their scope or complexities. Next steps could include a variety of paths, including:

  • Building a new computing environment
  • Migrating data into a third-party cloud environment
  • Addressing IT support challenges in existing systems

Throughout the engagement, we provide full documentation to demonstrate validation in a way that is compliant with regulatory standards.

Adopting and Understanding Cloud-Hosted Environments

Unlike traditional, limited, on-prem hosted environments, cloud-based systems allow for greater flexibility and increased performance. The Cloud Enablement offering helps guide organizations who are currently using or are interested in adopting a cloud environment by connecting in-house teams with technology experts who understand the importance of system validation and best-use practices.


Increased Agility and Lower Resource Usage

Whether you’re looking to update a legacy computing environment or interested in how to best use your current cloud-based system, the Cloud Enablement offering provides organization the opportunity to capitalize on all that cloud-hosting provides, including:

  • An improved ability to scale
  • Workflow and process agility
  • Improved performance in an elastic environment
  • Faster runtimes
  • Lower operational costs

What Makes Instem Analytics Services Different?

Instem, the leader in life science product development technology, uses unmatched industry-specific expertise to assist organizations along every stage of their cloud journey. Backed by years of implementation experience and an understanding of exactly how to get the most out of the cloud, the Cloud Enablement offering was designed to ensure compliance and data integrity throughout your cloud migration or use.

Our clients who work with us understand that we're a trustworthy partner. Our expertise and understanding of cloud utility from a life sciences regulatory perspective places us in a unique position that allows us to help clients truly understand the benefits and value of cloud enablement.

- Andy Ratcliffe,
Director, Technology Consulting