Data Migration Service

Transferring Data in the Blink of An Eye

Data migration projects are massive undertakings that can easily go awry without experience and proper execution. The Data Migration Service offered by Instem was designed to take the burden off of internal teams while also providing successful, compliant data migrations into new infrastructures.

Our team of life science technology experts uses industry knowledge and strategic planning to transfer data from one system to another, providing a seamless transition and thorough documentation of the process. We handle all types of digital assets, including trial data, programs, study protocols, metadata, and file security permissions.

Data migration is typically one of the first steps Instem Accel™ clients take when getting their environment operational and validated in less then a week.  This same expert level  service is available to sponsors and CROs of any size and complexity.

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Helping Pharmaceutical Companies During Times of Transition

Pharmaceutical companies are often prompted to migrate data into new systems for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common events include mergers, compound acquisitions, infrastructure modernization, or a shift to cloud hosting.

Despite being a natural step in any organization’s timeline, many companies discover that they are ill-equipped to handle migrations on their own. The Data Migration Service allows companies to save resources while also providing the peace of mind in knowing that their data has been moved efficiently and compliantly.

Strategically Planned Migrations

Our two-phased approach to data migration allows our team to strategically transfer data efficiently and effectively. After determining the best methods to migrate your data, we establish a timeline - typically over a weekend, to avoid workflow disruptions - of when to begin the process.

Once the process has begun, our automated and scripted tools allow a quick and streamlined transfer process. These tools also provide documentation that assist with QC efforts and provide evidence of compliance.

Compliant and Efficient Data Migrations

Outsourcing data transfers with our Data Migration Service does more than save organizations time and resources. Our automated system provides a seamless transition and precise execution without disrupting business processes. Additionally, our customizable strategy and tools allow us to provide thorough documentation to the level of validation your system requires, leaving your team confident in the validity of your data.


Saving Time and Resources Without Sacrificing Quality

Handling data migration in-house can be a difficult task, particularly if a company has labor, resource, or time constraints. Additionally, many companies may find themselves struggling to stay on top of all of the required documentation that may be requested post-migration from regulatory bodies.

Our Data Migration Service is conducted by a team of experienced data professionals who understand the importance of saving your team time and effort. We take the task on ourselves, allowing you to focus on what matters - the science.

What makes Instem Analytics Services different?

Instem, the leader in life science product development technology, enables organizations to transfer data quickly and seamlessly. Our team’s depth of expertise and thorough understanding of life science and clinical trial technology allows us to provide a successful migration backed by the confidence of complete compliance, protecting you from any demands of future audits.

Data migration is more complex than people may think. We have a proven process that allows your teams to focus on their jobs while we do a complete data transfer safely and securely.

- Don Hopkins,
Senior Consultant