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In the past, pharmaceutical companies working through clinical trials have spent countless hours manually redacting and anonymizing lengthy clinical study reports (CSRs). Thanks to the evolution of technology, these hours can be shortened tremendously with Natural Language Processing (NLP) Automation.

Blur, the #1 tool for anonymization and quantifiable risk measurement, combines risk assessment and NLP automation and machine learning to efficiently anonymize data and documents. For companies looking to speed their time-to-market even further, customizable NLP consultation services can be included with any Blur licensing to increase your tool’s capabilities and save your team time and resources.

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The Solution for Lean Internal Teams

Pharmaceutical companies facing an increase in the amount of data to be processed or an increase in the need to share data internally and externally can easily become overwhelmed during the anonymization process. The NLP Automation capabilities of Blur can help alleviate processes previously handled manually and provide confidence in knowing your documents reach regulatory standards.

Custom Solution for Anonymization

The Blur recommendation engine calls on an NLP model to recommend areas in documents that need to be anonymized through reviewable annotations. Completely customizable to every client’s needs, this engine can be used to cut time used to anonymize documents in half.

For those looking to take their time and resource savings even further, the NLP Automation training offered by Instem can dive even deeper into your team’s specific standards. After a thorough session of reviewing documents and identifying benchmarks, each Blur NLP Automation model has the ability to anonymize what you need to meet regulatory expectations.

Save Time And Resources

When it comes to getting products to market, time and efficacy are key. The use of NLP Automation can help streamline the anonymization process, getting you from start to finish faster than any previous manual method.


Automated Compliant Anonymization

EMA 0070, Health Canada PRCI, and the FDA require pharma companies to protect Private Patient Data (PPD) when sharing clinical trial findings. In order to meet these expectations, many companies find themselves investing inordinate amounts of internal resources anonymizing CSRs. With NLP Automation, the time spent anonymizing these documents can be cut down significantly, giving your team the opportunity to focus on what really matters – the science.

What Makes Instem Transparency Services Different?

Instem, the leader in life science product development technology, enables organizations to share data and documents on any scale with Blur, the leading solution for anonymization and quantifiable risk measurement. By combining a team of experts with the latest anonymization innovation, getting your drug to market fast has never been easier.

Our automated NLP program positions Blur as a one-stop solution for data integrity, CSR creation, and risk mitigation.

- Chris Olinger,