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Creating a Clinical System That Fits Your Needs

As experts of technology integration in the clinical trial space, we understand that pharmaceutical companies often struggle to find an off-the-shelf statistical computing environment (SCE) that fits their needs. Every organization faces their own challenges, and many lack the proper tools to do their work efficiently and effectively.

The Solution Build offering by Instem was created to provide life science organizations more than just a SCE. The customized, validated systems allow access to data and tools beyond biostatistics. From simple SAS GRID implementations to global enterprise-class cloud based computing, Instem combines state-of-the-art technology and domain expertise to create a tailored solution for your enterprise needs.

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Upgrading Environments for Pharmaceutical Companies

When it comes to handling and analyzing clinical data, biostaticians and programmers are the first to point out the importance of a properly equipped environment. The users that consume and input data extend beyond this group into medical, R&D, data science teams. This why the Solution Build by Instem is ideal for organizations interested in:

  • Working in an elastic work environment
  • Connecting enterprise clinical data users
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Moving to a cloud-hosted environment for easier data access
  • Improving workflow efficiencies and reducing timelines
  • Saving resources through automation
  • Only paying for tools that are actually used
  • Improving current or non-existent systems with the help from industry experts

Whether you’re a small to medium-sized company looking to enhance user experience or a global enterprise searching for a way to modernize slow-moving legacy systems, our Solution Build service can help provide your clinical trial and IT teams with the tools they need for engineering.

Custom Solutions For Every Need

Instem combines strong technical capabilities and domain expertise to create and implement statistical computing environment solutions for clients of all sizes for systems of all sizes. Our solutions can include:

  • New hardware, software, or applications
  • Hosting services
  • Validation and validation documentation
  • Audit trail capabilities
  • Flexible, role-based security model
  • Code repositories
  • Data repositories
  • Workflow tracking, e.g. management of QA processes for outputs and code
  • Modeling and simulation
  • New GUI (graphical user interface)

Once your solution is discovered, our team of experts assist in the implementation of your new solution, whether it be in an in-house environment, an Instem hosted environment, or in the cloud.

The Tools You Need To Get the Job Done

Developing and maintaining a validated, efficient clinical analytics environment for statistical computing can be taxing on IT departments, particularly if an organization lacks the resources or industry knowledge to do so. Our Solution Build offering can help IT teams navigate regulatory compliance and SAS renewals, enable public cloud hosting, adopt open source technologies, and modernize aging legacy systems.


Efficient Tools to Enhance Performance

Using outdated or ineffective technologies can cause serious workflow discrepancies. Our Solution Build offering will provide your team with tools that can lead to:

  • Faster processes
  • Lower cost and resource use
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased workflow agility
  • Seamless integration of new data sources and analytical tools

Statistical computing environments are key to getting your product to market fast. With the right tools in hand, your team can focus on what matters - the science.

What Makes Instem Analytics Strategy different?

As leaders in technology integration in the clinical trial space, we understand that few off-the-shelf solutions address every pharmaceutical company's needs. Our customizable Solution Builds are designed to help overcome any obstacle, no matter how unique. With the help of our knowledgeable and experienced team of technology consulting professions, we’ll help discover and create the solution that’s right for your organization. 

Clients come to us knowing that we have unparalleled domain expertise that dates back to the time statistical computing environment and tools were first created.

- Joe Olinger,
Technology Consulting Manager