Aspire™ Audit

Protect Data Privacy and Enable Regulatory Compliance

Aspire™ Audit is an auditing solution designed and built for the clinical lifecycle, allowing your organization to demonstrate control and awareness of all activities associated with producing submission-ready deliverables.

Track activities and users who access your clinical artifacts in a user-friendly interface with dashboards, reports and ad-hoc queries providing your authorized users simple access to the information they need.

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Why do I Need an Audit Trail?

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24/7 User Activity Monitoring

Configurable, Automated Reports

Robust Auditing of Users, Permissions, and File Events

Monitor and Protect

Aspire™ Audit provides 24/7 automated monitoring of clinical artifacts and a central point for querying and reporting the auditing data to clearly provide the who, what, and when supporting regulatory compliance.

Understand when members of your team:

  • Create, update, or delete files and folders
  • Create or change access to files and folders
  • Create, update, delete and change membership within permission groups
  • Submit analytical jobs (e.g. SAS and R)

Available Audit Collectors

  • Windows File Operations
  • Linux File Operations
  • Active Directory
  • Windows Local Security
  • Linux Background Code Execution
  • Windows Background Code Execution
  • Custom Operations
Aspire Audit Screen

Track Changes With Ease

Review changes to folders, files or security permissions with Aspire™ Audit's user-friendly interface. Customize and automate flexible reports filtered by collector source, date, time or event type.

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What Makes Instem Aspire™ Different?

Aspire™ is a cooperative framework built from individual Aspire™ software products. The configurable infrastructure of Aspire™ leverages transferable technologies that reduce the time and cost associated with customization and reinvention.

Aspire™ is built by Instem, the most trusted clinical technologists and business experts for data-science innovation.

  • Independent: Vendor, Software, and Language independence maximizes value to our clients
  • UX based design and prototyping
  • 100+ Life Science, CRO & Medical Device Clients
  • 95% Top 20 Global Pharma Clinical System Modernizations

We have a well-established track record of combining industry knowledge and technical expertise specific to the clinical trial lifecycle to deliver innovative solutions for our clients.

- Andy Ratcliffe,
Director, Technology Consulting