Aspire Audit

Protect Data Privacy and Enable Regulatory Compliance

Aspire Audit is an auditing solution designed and built for the clinical lifecycle, allowing your organization to demonstrate control and awareness of all activities associated with producing submission-ready deliverables.

Track activities and users who access your clinical artifacts in a user-friendly interface with dashboards, reports and ad-hoc queries providing your authorized users simple access to the information they need.

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Why do I Need an Audit Trail?

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24/7 User Activity Monitoring

Configurable, Automated Reports

Robust Auditing of Users, Permissions, and File Events

Monitor and Protect

Aspire Audit provides 24/7 automated monitoring of clinical artifacts and a central point for querying and reporting the auditing data to clearly provide the who, what, and when supporting regulatory compliance.

Understand when members of your team:

  • Create, update, or delete files and folders
  • Create or change access to files and folders
  • Create, update, delete and change membership within permission groups
  • Submit analytical jobs (e.g. SAS and R)

Available Audit Collectors

  • Windows File Operations
  • Linux File Operations
  • Active Directory
  • Windows Local Security
  • Linux Background Code Execution
  • Windows Background Code Execution
  • Custom Operations
Aspire Audit Screen

Track Changes With Ease

Review changes to folders, files or security permissions with Aspire Audit's user-friendly interface. Customize and automate flexible reports filtered by collector source, date, time or event type.

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What Makes Instem Aspire Different?

Aspire is a cooperative framework built from individual Aspire software products. The configurable infrastructure of Aspire leverages transferable technologies that reduce the time and cost associated with customization and reinvention.

Aspire is built by Instem, the most trusted clinical technologists and business experts for data-science innovation.

  • Independent: Vendor, Software, and Language independence maximizes value to our clients
  • UX based design and prototyping
  • 100+ Life Science, CRO & Medical Device Clients
  • 95% Top 20 Global Pharma Clinical System Modernizations

We have a well-established track record of combining industry knowledge and technical expertise specific to the clinical trial lifecycle to deliver innovative solutions for our clients.

- Andy Ratcliffe,
Director, Technology Consulting