Transparency Strategy

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Sharing Powers Medical Innovation

Instem and our transparency partners future-proof sharing processes at Life Science organizations.  We provide services around the following activities:

Strategic Consulting

  • Sharing demand patterns and vendor strategies
  • Quantifiable risk assessments
  • S.O.P. and playbook development
  • Playbook defined
  • Disclosure defense

Education & Training

  • EMA Policy 0070
  • Health Canada PRCI
  • Research Sharing
  • Balancing Privacy / Internal vs External Disclosure Risk
  • Simulation of disclosure event

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Data Anonymization Methods

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Solution Offerings

Our Transparency Strategy provides clients a blueprint to adopt an anonymization process that utilizes a quantifiable risk assessment, in order to maximize data utility and enable compliance.

Dozens of top sponsors, academic institutes and Vivli sharing platform trust and have partnered with Instem.

What makes this solution different?

Instem and our partners utilize methodologies that provide an automated, cohesive, and replicable approach to sharing data and documents within an ever-changing regulatory landscape.


Insource innovation with the #1 tool for anonymization and quantifiable risk measurement.  Built in collaboration with enterprise pharmaceutical sponsors, Blur is the efficient solution for scaling anonymization and quantitative risk.  With its user centered design, risk assessment engine and NLP capabilities, Blur is the tool dozens of sponsors have chosen to share clinical data and associated documents consistently.

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De-Identification Services

De-Identification Services provided by d-wise help sponsors meet regulatory guidelines for public disclosure and internal sharing to confidently and consistently share on any scale. Available on-demand and without investment into additional software or internal resources, the transparency experts at d-wise will anonymize and measure risk for data sets and clinical study reports and can provide redaction services when necessary.

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Handle Data & Document Requests the Right Way

Having the experience and regulatory knowledge to effectively plan and deliver external and internal sharing requests for clinical data and clinical study documents is vital for Life Science organizations of all sizes. Discover how the transparency experts at Instem can help your organization prepare for any data & document sharing challenges you may face.

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We want to do our part by sharing to encourage medical innovation; however, changing regulations and balancing patient privacy against utility, places absurd stress on our people and processes.Privacy Officer, Global Pharma