Transparency Strategy
Assess. Plan. Optimize.


Sharing Powers Medical Innovation

d-wise and our transparency partners future-proof sharing processes at Life Science organizations. Our team of global regulatory affairs, change management and data privacy experts lead multiple assessments, ultimately providing one clear  actionable step-by-step plan for sponsors to share on any scale.

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Solution Offerings

The Transparency Blueprint provides planning to minimize risk, enable compliance, and protect privacy.


  • Policy 0070
  • Health Canada PRCI
  • Research Sharing
  • Privacy / Risk


  • Demand pattern and sourcing strategy defined
  • People, Process, Technology decisioned
  • Business Process Owner
  • Processes & SLA
  • Vendors selected


  • Hiring & sourcing
  • Implement
  • Configure
  • On-boarding
  • Testing
  • Quality sign-off
  • Processes online
  • Playbook Defined


  • Processing data and documents
  • Continuous improvement
  • Sharing: HC PCRI, EMA Pol70, Research
  • Ruleset evolution

What makes Transparency Blueprint different?

d-wise methodology brings unified and repeatable approach to share data and documents effectively, efficiently, upgrading processes to prepare for an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

  • 5+: Years of Data and Document Sharing
  • 11+: Global Life Science Clients
  • 30+: Policy 0070 Submissions
  • 5500+ Redacted Documents
  • Co-developers with global pharma of Blur software, the #1 product for quantifiable risk identification & anonymization
“We want to do our part by sharing to encourage medical innovation; however, changing regulations and balancing patient privacy against utility, places absurd stress on our people and processes.”- Privacy Officer, Global Pharma
  • Commercial realities of sharing

  • Congruency across sharing

  • Regulatory pressure to quantify risks