Acceleration Services:

Managed Services

Outsourced Support For Maintaining Efficient Operations

Maintaining and developing processes and operations for statistical computing and clinical analytics environments in the life science industry is more than a one person job. The Managed Services is a professional team with resources in the U.S., U.K. and India. The service orientated people in d-wise provide outsourced IT support for both clients using d-wise solutions such as Accel and Blur and for industry hosted off-the-shelf and custom developed applications.

Customizable to fit every organization’s needs, the Managed Services offering provides 24/7 support across a variety of IT Support Tiers. Backed by a team of professionals dedicated to providing personalized care, the Managed Services offering is more than just support service - it’s a partnership.

Support- Managed Services 

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Strengthening Workflows for Pharmaceutical Companies

Even the best in the business need support. The Managed Services offering by d-wise was formed to support IT departments within the pharmaceutical industry looking to:

  • Cut down on internal IT staff
  • Improve scalability
  • Enhance workflows
  • Have access to experts 24/7

Whether you’re interested in a d-wise solution or looking for expertise and guidance with industry tools such as SAS or cloud hosted environments, our experts are ready to help build infrastructures, monitor tools, and prepare solutions for any anticipated validation checks

The Service You Need, When You Need It

All Managed Services engagements begin with thorough onboarding. We’ll walk through an overview of our support flow and demonstrate how to engage with support and how to escalate requests. These processes are intended to enhance the value of our services, and ensure that all workflows receive the level of expertise needed to be resolved properly.

Some of the areas our offering covers include:

  • Unique client specific ticketed management for resolution
  • User management and support for d-wise solutions
  • Handling infrastructure and application support
  • System monitoring
  • Managing network server storage
  • SAS Grid implementation support
  • Monitoring memory and CPU utilization

Additionally, the Managed Services offering was designed to include specific thresholds to ensure smooth workflow. By monitoring these thresholds, our team has the ability to proactively address obstacles before they disrupt performance.

Reducing the Burden on Internal Teams

It can be difficult for pharmaceutical companies to handle all IT support internally, particularly if there’s a concern about using resources effeciently. Outsourced Managed Services can remove the burden of maintaining, monitoring, and preparing systems from internal teams and provide the added bonus of subject matter expertise in the areas you need it most.

Of course, Managed Services by d-wise is more than a simple support service. Our system processes were designed to ensure validation and efficacy in the most efficient ways possible, reducing time constraints and improving workflows along the way.


Reinforced Workflows and Flexibility

Outsourcing IT support to a team of dedicated, industry experts offers considerable advantages, including:

  • Reduced burden on internal team members, manage user roles and permissions 
  • Improved processes and workflows
  • An increase of up to 99.9% system availability
  • Improved ability to scale

With access to 24/7 support, your team can rest easy in knowing that your systems and applications are backed by the knowledge and capabilities to keep workflows running smoothly and effectively, no matter what obstacles may arise.

What makes d-wise Acceleration Services different?

The technology and life science experts at d-wise understand the value of well-functioning systems and processes. Our team brings knowledge relevant to the life sciences industry, seasoned experience with SCEs, and a personalized approach to support to ensure that organizations are fully equipped to handle any obstacle that comes their way. Whether you’re in need of d-wise solution support or assistance in complex industry areas of expertise, our Managed Services offering is the solution that keeps you going.

d-wise currently hosts approximately 30+ SAS-based statistical computing environments, with nearly 4,000 users under d-wise management, taking advantage of unmatched SAS expertise and client engagement.