Uncomplicated Computing Accelerating Clinical Trial Analysis

Accelerate the process of analyzing clinical data with solutions that are built with the right combination of domain expertise, business process change, and technology knowledge.

d-wise makes it simple

Technology, data, standards, and software in clinical trial analyses are evolving. It’s a world of complex and disconnected siloed processes & data sources. The right combination of domain expertise, business process and technology knowledge allows d-wise to anticipate change without adding complexity. d-wise solutions provide modern, streamlined, extensible and flexible environments to accelerate your clinical trial analyses, allowing you to focus on the science.

Historically involved in more than 75% of all large-scale statistical computing environment implementations, d-wise strategic advisors and integrators have been innovating the technology infrastructure of the world’s largest life science companies for over 16 years. With deep domain experience in biometrics and statistical programming, we have developed right-sized solutions that blend the right technologies with systems and processes to deliver targeted benefits and enable focus on the science.

Clinical Acceleration Platform (CAP) Takes the Headache Out of System Validation: Up to 50 users

CAP is a turnkey, scalable, validated statistical computing environment. Our concierge services take care of the details of system deployment and qualification so you can focus on what your data are telling you to prepare regulatory submissions as fast as possible.  CAP can be available for use in as little as 1 week from contract signature

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Clinical Accelerator Platform

Enterprise: Expertly simple and ready for the future

d-wise proven methodologies and experienced strategic consultants enable us to provide solutions tailored to your needs.  We know that statisticians and programmers want to keep it simple and we enable them with high performance. The d-wise Enterprise Solutions  create centralized, controlled and validated statistical computing environments that are technology and programming language agnostic. They are designed for  scale. The Enterprise Solution integrates with existing software, optimizes processes, and delivers expert support for flexible on-premises, private d-wise, or public cloud hosting environments.  

Computing Innovation Lab:

The innovation lab is the first stage of a modern analytics solution. The d-wise environment provides access to computing power, analytic tools and consultants trained in both new design and collaboration principles to help your team explore different ways of tackling old problems.  This enables companies large and small to share the costs of preparing a way to move away from expensive and cumbersome legacy analytic solutions. 

Fully leverage the value of your data through open source technologies and advances in a customized computing environment set within a validated framework handled by d-wise. Ultimately this will reduce the cost of analytical platforms, and enable resourcing from a wider talent pool.


Clinical Analytics Blueprint: Optimize Teams for Success

d-wise has the perspective, knowledge, expertise, and methodologies to quickly identify what is important. We deliver comprehensive assessments of technology, standards and business processes to help teams simplify and optimize their work for the greatest chance of success.

Results and recommendations are set within a blueprint which includes meaningful steps to achieve your vision for clinical analytics.  This offering can be delivered as a stand-alone option, or in conjunction with our other offerings.

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