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Transforming Your Clinical Computing Environment

Aspire™ is a clinical analytics framework of flexible clinical components that allow data scientists to focus on the meaning of the data by automating mundane tasks and providing a fit-for-purpose workflow. Configured on an extendable cloud architecture, Aspire allows you to rapidly add new capabilities while maintaining data integrity and traceability throughout the clinical data lifecycle.


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Aspire™ Overview

Transform the way you work and optimize the overall clinical data lifecycle with Aspire™. 
Eliminate Manual Tasks
Avoid duplicated work, extended timelines, and lack of confidence in your results by automating routine tasks.
Simplify Compliance
Enable the traceability you need to prove integrity of your results with intuitive compliance features built into your workflow.
Scale Quickly & Efficiently
Future proof your environment with the ability to increase or decrease IT resources as needed to meet changing demand.
Streamline Collaboration
Provide a user-friendly, secure environment for accessing, transforming, and translating the data into meaning both internally and externally. Great UX means faster adoption, maximized productivity, and easier collaboration.

What makes Aspire™ different?

Aspire is unique in delivering individual components flexible enough to meet your unique business needs. Each Aspire solution suite delivers a set of relevant capabilities that are configurable to support today and tomorrow’s clinical data lifecycle processes and can integrate to deliver all or part of solution for your end to end processes.

Instead of buying a single, monolithic system or building a disconnected platform, Aspire can provide the building blocks you need to decide when and how you want to change your workflow. 

Aspire™ Foundation

At the heart of the work your group does, users need to rapidly transform and analyze clinical data to deliver results using the right tool for the right task, while also protecting your most valuable assets. Aspire Foundation provides a scalable, container-based compute environment with parallel high performant and secure storage, ensuring your users the on-demand compute and intuitive and controlled access required to accelerate submission delivery.

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Aspire™ Compliance

While users are transforming and analyzing clinical data, they must ensure the integrity and traceability of the results by capturing the information required to prove the validity of their work. Aspire Compliance provides the framework to enable end-to-end compliance by automatically capturing the traceability of your data, code, and outputs as well as maintaining a holistic audit trail of all files and user activities within the system, so you have robust confidence in your results.

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Aspire™ Workflow

Providing the ability for your organization to define, manage, and automate the transformation and analysis of clinical data is critical to optimizing your day-to-day processes. Aspire Workflow is an intuitive and configurable workflow engine enabling the creation of projects, programming lifecycle management, and information management related to tracking your key results and the various artifacts that support the reproducibility of those results.

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Aspire™ Share

Collaboration across your organization as you design, implement, and conduct your clinical trial is critical to optimize your business process and make the right decisions at the right time. Aspire Share enables the sharing of information internally and externally by managing the transfer of data and results from vendors to your key internal stakeholders as well as providing a collaborative space to work together on your key clinical data deliverables.

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Our Story

The Instem Aspire™ vision was developed from decades of experience successfully helping our clients design, build, and adopt clinical computing environments.

We believe taking a new direction will allow our clients to 'future proof' their clinical analytics environments.

After 20 years of client experience, we believe...

  • Compliance is critical but should be intuitive and just ‘happen’ as part of your workflow
  • User experience must be the at core of a solution, providing a solution users want to use
  • People should be able to use the tool of their choice for their specific needs
  • Capability-focused components that are configurable and extendable are critical to meet unique business needs
We partnered to move away from customized solutions based on proprietary technology.  With too many static solutions, we recognized the need to connect open tools across the enterprise and purchase smaller proprietary pieces that are both configurable and replaceable.Global Pharma, Head Data Analytics & Data Science