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Life Science Data & Document Anonymization with Enhanced Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Insource innovation with the #1 tool for anonymization and quantifiable risk measurement.  Built in collaboration with enterprise pharmaceutical sponsors, Blur™ is an efficient solution for scaling anonymization and quantitative risk. With a user centered design, risk assessment engine, and NLP capabilities, Blur is the tool dozens of sponsors have chosen to share clinical data and associated documents consistently.



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Solution Overview

Blur™ is a dimensional anonymization tool that enables clients to set specific configurations around how Blur™ ranks and provides recommendations for transformation. With multiple options presented, users can make informed decisions based on quantifiable risk measurements.

A software as a service (SaaS) solution with multiple modules, Blur 2.8 offers several tools designed to support clinical trial transparency, including:

  • Blur-Risk: Risk of Re-identification Calculation
  • Blur-Data: Data De-identification 
  • Blur-CSR: Document Anonymization
  • Blur-NLP: Machine Learning 

Implement Blur™ software in your organization and begin sharing on any scale while also benefiting from:

  • Support for EMA Policy 0070, Health Canada, HIPAA, and CDISC standards
  • Transformation recommendations from user set parameters
  • NLP capabilities to automate sharing tasks
  • UX menu-driven functionality
  • No SAS programming needed
  • Fully validated and maintained product
  • Audit trail with built-in workflow review
  • Summarized documentation reports
  • Automated data configuration
  • Structured UI supporting risk simulation

What makes Blur™ different?

Blur™ allows sponsors to use the most practical approaches for anonymization including anonymization based on study specific population and/or entire therapeutic populations. To accelerate sharing Blur 2.8 now encompasses NLP capabilities, automating many sharing tasks. With frequent software releases throughout the year, Instem and our clients continue to invest and influence the Blur™ roadmap and enhance automation.

Built in collaboration with sponsors, Blur™ was designed to meet internal and external sharing requirements of large pharmaceutical sponsors, balancing sharing aspirations against constraints.

Anonymization Automation

Blur, a leading tool for anonymization and quantifiable risk measurement, combines risk assessment and NLP automation and machine learning to efficiently anonymize data and documents.

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De-Identification Services

Take advantage of an on-demand, flexible outsource service designed to measure risk, anonymize data and documents within strict sharing deadlines. Leveraging Blur™ anonymization software, our team of transformation experts provide swift data and document anonymization and quantifiable risk measurements so your organization can confidently share on any scale.

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Get Data & Document Anonymization Support

Utilize Blur™ with Clinical Trial Transparency health data experts to help your team meet strict regulatory guidelines and adhere to industry best practices.

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We wanted to expand the availability of patient clinical trial data, doing our part to drive medical innovation. Blur™ is the tool we needed to streamline our processes and maintain the utmost quality of sensitive patient data being released to the public.Global Pharmaceutical, Chief Privacy Officer