Acceleration Services:
Customizable. Centralized. Controlled. Validated.

#1 Provider of Validated Clinical Systems.

Acceleration Services are the path to customize or configure a fit-for-purpose clinical system.  Designed and implemented at the enterprise level, our customization service offerings integrate with clients legacy tools, data repositories and technologies.  The flexibility, performance, and scalability created as a result of the systems built, allows  the worlds largest Life Science sponsors and CROs to streamline analysis and submission.

Designed through our proprietary Acceleration Blueprint, Acceleration Services place implementation experts on site to design, build and configure your clinical systems.  A full service provider, 4000+ users have chosen d-wise for hosting support to lead their on-premise, public cloud or on the secure d-wise private cloud.

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  • Feature Misalignment

    Siloed groups and technologies lead to disconnected systems, inefficiencies and data integrity risks.

  • Performance at Cloud Scale

    Legacy designs and software must be modernized to keep pace with technology change and organizational growth models. 

  • Validation Burden

    Countless hours, reams of paperwork, and time wasted validating your system.

“D-wise brings more than SAS integrations & MDR deployments. They possess an uncommon expertise combining sponsor and regulatory authority perspectives on information, analytics, process, technology, & risk management. They have proven time and again the ability to deliver value.”- Global Pharma, Director Clinical Data Sciences

Key Features

Bring compliance, reliability, and performance to your global enterprise clinical-systems with these service offerings commonly include but are not limited to:
  • Plan:
    • Our proven Acceleration Blueprint benchmarks your existing clinical systems, comparing them against the industry trends, assessing modernization requirements and establishing a roadmap for the future state.
  • Design:
    • Full life cycle of services including validation, configuration, integration and custom app development.
    • Employ Full System Implementation, Configuration, and Custom App Development.
    • Migrate data and code.
    • Implement proprietary and open source technology including products from: SAS, R, Sycamore, Entimo, Cambridge Semantics, Neurocore and many more.
    • Support and training for best practice and on-boarding.
  • Managed Cloud Services:
    • d-wise Private Cloud.
    • On-premises application/system support.
    • Public Cloud (Azure, AWS EC2, GCP).

What makes Acceleration Services different?

The leading technology integrator with the clinical development experience to design and engineer analytic systems that provide frictionless access to data. 

With almost two decades of expertise across Life Science business, R&D and IT, d-wise services allow clients to focus on science.

  • # 1: Most trusted clinical technologists with 16 years of proven data-science innovation.
  • Independent: Vendor, Software, and Language independence maximizes value to our clients.
  • UX based design and prototyping.
  • 150+ Life Science, CRO & Medical Device Clients.
  • 75% Top 20 Global Pharma Clinical System Modernizations.
  • 4000+: Fully managed users of our optimized cloud/hosting services.
  • 20: fully managed private cloud clients.
  • Vendor and language independent.