Streamline Analysis. Focus Back on Science

Validated Day 1.  Analyze with Confidence.

Analysis of clinical trials for regulatory submission is a complex and time-consuming process.  d-wise created Accel to help you get operational fast, without compromising system validation requirements (CSV).  With Accel, your team instantly is equipped to analyze. The product’s unique concierge service handles the validation and is accessible through a convenient subscription model, enabling you to get access to your system in less than one week.
Conveniently pre-loaded with all the tools, applications, and licenses needed for analysis and submission, Accel is the #1 off-the-shelf statistical computing environment (SCE).
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Cloud Analytics Program
  • Validation Burden

    Countless hours, reams of paperwork, and wasted time to validate your system.

  • Clunky Systems

    Solutions designed without Life Science knowledge result in technology that just gets in your way.

  • IT Overhead

    Fractured resources without complete understanding of stats computing needs, leads to sub-optimal support.

“Very easy to evaluate the benefits. Full UAT testing, out of the box, with extensibility features like sample size software. The speed of deployment was crucial, and the product is absolutely phenomenal.”- Early Stage Biotech, Head of Biostatistics and Data Management

Key Features

The statistical computing power of our turn-key product offers the following important benefits:
  • Validated SAS environment
  • Qualified pre-installation of R, Python and additional tools
  • Version controlled storage for files
  • User-centered folder structure
  • Fully managed infrastructure
  • Support for up to 50 users

What makes Accel different?

d-wise offers the best statistical computing performance and support available in the marketplace with validation already in place.
  • Validated and ready for use within 1 week
  • 78+: Life Science client accounts
  • 4000+: fully managed users of our optimized cloud/hosting services
  • 20+: fully managed private cloud clients