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SDD Unleashed-Extending the Capabilities of SAS Drug Development


SDDSAS® Drug Development is well known as a compliant, hosted repository for storing SAS data and running programs in a secure and audited environment. What is not well known is that SAS Drug Development provides an Application Programming Interface(API) for extending this environment to be more relevant to the way people do business. 

Where are the features for automating the upload of transactional data, or for defining a new study?

Well, while those features do not exist out of the box with SAS Drug Development they can be obtained through a variety of methods to extend the capabilities of SAS Drug Development. By taking advantage of the remote API and understanding the inner workings of the SAS Drug Development product, custom plug-ins can be developed to improve the business process. Workflow can be introduced, automating manual, time intensive tasks in a way that translates to more time spent on valuable science rather than administering a tool.

This paper will discuss use cases where SAS Drug Development can become vastly more powerful by considering adding custom plug-ins to the environment to bring the benefits of workflow and the efficiency of automation to the SAS Drug Development experience.

In this eBook, we will discuss the following:

  • What is an API?

  • Remote API- JAVA Integration

  • Remote API- SAS Macros

  • Options for Extending SAS Drug Development

  • Case Study 1: Customized Study Creation and Permission Reporting

  • Case Study 2: Automating Incremental Data Uploads

  • Case Study 3: Interface Between Solutions

 SDD Unleashed

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