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Industry News - T-Minus 11 Months for EU Privacy Regulation

Excerpt from's Article "T-Minus 11 Months for EU Privacy Regulation" by Omer Tene | September 14, 2017


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"With fines of up to 20 million euros ($23 million) or four percent of global annual turnover—which, for Fortune 100 companies, could reach billions of euros—and new rules on a right to be forgotten and data portability, the European General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) has grabbed the attention of compliance professionals and C-level executives alike. Far from being just a European law, the GDPR extends to companies that handle any European’s personal data all over the world. As less than a year remains until the date of its implementation, the GDPR requires companies to quickly devise and implement comprehensive data governance programs.

The GDPR introduces new obligations on matters such as data subject consent, data anonymization, breach notification, trans-border data transfers, and appointment of data protection officers. In addition, it requires companies that handle the personal data of people in the EU to undertake major operational reforms, implementing new governance mechanisms and technological tools." 

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d-Wise's Insight on's Article

The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the biggest changes to personal privacy and data protection to happen in years. The impact of this legislation will affect organizations worldwide, including any business that does business in the EU, or handles personal information of EU citizens in any way. As privacy shifts from a policy issue handled by legal, to an operational issue requiring sophisticated technology solutions to manage and anonymize personal information, most organizations will need a technology to support their de-identification efforts.

New requirements concerning topics such as Verifiable Consent, The Right to be Forgotten, and Privacy by Design fall within the jurisdiction of both marketing and product departments. Because accountability now goes beyond the legal team, organizations need solutions to verify and demonstrate that GDPR requirements are being met.

For biopharmaceutical organizations interested in anonymizing personal data, d-Wise has developed Blur, an application-based de-identification solution, to apply the emerging rules for de-identification and integrate the execution of these rules into a comprehensive workflow-driven process that provides automated documentation, traceability and audit trails. As an industry solution, Blur will also be updated as de-identification rules evolve and converge, and will provide a modern, superior alternative to the development and use of SAS-based de-identification scripts. If your organization needs help building, implementing, or demonstrating GDPR compliance, d-Wise offers services and solutions to help, no matter where your organization stands on the GDPR requirements.

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