Legacy System Modernization Technology Blueprint

Market Monitor – A Graph Database Solution for a Comprehensive View of the SCE Landscape

Legacy System Modernization Technology Blueprint

In the life science space, we often fall prey to knowledge silos - pockets of expert knowledge of products, solutions, and software, which has been cultivated from many years of industry experience.

These knowledge silos of business intelligence and expertise are not always easily utilised by other members of our organisations. Here at d-wise we are developing an internal software solution - Market Monitor - to break down these silos. In collaboration with the computer science department at the University of Manchester, d-wise has developed the underlying model that powers the Market Monitor and clearly defines relationships between pertinent information.

Market Monitor is a graph database solution that enables our consultants to query distinct pools of data to discover answers that lie across multiple knowledge silos – a dynamic representation of our pooled expertise. This enables our consultants to harness the pooled knowledge of d-wise to provide business intelligence, expert opinion, and snapshots of the market in every interaction with our clients.

The Market Monitor team’s recent data capture sprint centred around off-the-shelf statistical computing environments (SCEs). The insights recorded during this data capture highlight the value that our Market Monitor solution provides to our consultants and clients.

The SCE market is experiencing a renaissance of late with a vision of the future being laid down in a white paper written by a broad coalition of industry experts and discussed at the 2020 PHUSE EU conference.

d-wise has also been exploring the idea of what's required in a clinical analytics environment and developing our own offering, Aspire. Learn more about this truly fit-for-purpose solution here.

Using these visions of what an SCE could become, the Market Monitor team created a granular and exhaustive list of SCE components that marked the entirety of the scope and depth of these SCE visions.

Then the Market Monitor team interviewed key internal experts with a breadth of industry experience in implementing, assessing, and building SCEs. We asked each expert for their current market snapshot, granularly ranking each of the components of off-the-shelf SCE against the vision described in the whitepaper above. marketmonitor fig 1

The output of these data capture interviews was a comprehensive rating of each of the off-the-shelf SCE’s components. This enables our Market Monitor software to generate graphical snapshots of the market like the one shown here.

One of the advantages of using an unstructured graph database as the underlying architecture of our software is that it enables our software to remain dynamic. This allows our team to further break down knowledge silos and seamlessly link all the different components together using queries.

For example, through a query interface our consultants can answer multi layered questions such as:

"Which off-the-shelf SCE is excellent at communicating to EDC systems but also has a manageable and secure access management system?"

Or "Which off-the-shelf SCE is best for workflow and compliance features that are maintained by secure access management?"

The internal Market Monitor software highlights d-wise’s commitment to breaking down knowledge silos in our industry to harness our pooled expertise in every interaction with our clients. If you would like to find out more on how our consultants can support you in the life science space, check out our Technology Blueprint offering.