Clinical Systems Solutions

We tailor solutions to meet client needs leveraging our extensive clinical domain knowledge of multiple software platforms, drug development and clinical data standards like CDISC.

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Industry-leading Clinical Systems Solutions

Using technology expertise acquired in this market over the past twenty years, d-Wise empowers world-class life science organizations to execute their portfolio of analytic work.  There is a lot at stake in the pre-approval drug pipeline, and we recognize this.  Implementing key clinical systems and adapting business processes helps our clients rapidly harness and leverage their data to gain competitive advantage and reduce time- to-market.

We're a recognized implementation partner for the following clinical systems and softwares:

  • SAS Drug Development
  • EntimICE
  • SOA Software's Semantics Manager/Metadata Repository
  • SAS CDI Clinical Data Integration
  • SAS CST Clinical Standards Toolkit
  • Custom and Hybrid Clinical Systems 

Solutions Created by Clinical Systems Experts

While we have a deep domain knowledge of SAS software products and their use within the life science industry, we remain technology agnostic when it comes to helping our clients solve their busines challenges. d-Wise consultants, programmers and data architects have a breadth of experience beyond SAS, and are knowledgeable and proficient with all common programming languages and the use of open source technologies. 

Systems That Change with the Times

As technology and regulatory guidance evolves, d-Wise continues to develop solutions for clinical trial optimization, metadata management and clinical data standards that provide a solid foundation for extracting accurate business analytics that enable critical business decisions to be made rapidly and based on all the data.

Entimo Solutions

Implementing Entimo Solutions

d-Wise has a complete understanding of and has been responsible for North American support and implementation of Entimo's Integrated Clinical Environment, a modular solution platform covering clinical and pre-clinical phases of the drug development process.

The flexible, modular approach and reusable features benefit both solutions based on the entimICE® platform, and the customers themselves.

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d-Wise has a broad range of capabilities across many technologies,
but one of our core competencies lies in SAS software solutions.

As a SAS Alliance Partner, d-Wise was chosen by the leader in business intelligence software to help solve your organization’s unique business needs by creating custom solutions built on the award-winning SAS technology. d-Wise delivers all the core SAS life sciences solutions as well as analytics solutions like Visual Analytics.


CDISC Services with SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit (CST)

The SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit shows promise for delivering a robust SAS based framework for managing standard metadata. It includes the ability to manage a global standard (i.e. SDTM) as well as individual studies. The first release provides the capability to run the standard SDTM and Janus checks as well as create the define.xml. d-Wise has spent time assessing the capabilities of the Toolkit and has developed services to help your organization get started with the solution.

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CDISC Services with SAS Clinical Data Integration (CDI)

SAS Clinical Data Integration (CDI) is a SAS solution for managing data standards and automating the data transformation process, and is built on top of SAS Data Integration Studio and the SAS metadata server. d-Wise has a thorough understanding of SAS CDI and has implemented and extended the capabilities of that solution. d-Wise offers complete training on SAS CDI, including the underlying CDISC model. d-Wise also offers architectural services to ensure that the SAS CDI implementation fully utilizes the capability of the product and fits within the client’s business processes.


SAS Drug Development (SDD) Implementation and Integration Services

SAS Drug Development (SDD) is a SAS enterprise software application for creating and managing the data related to a clinical trial.

d-Wise has a thorough understanding of SDD, In fact, d-Wise principals were key members of the original SDD development team. d-Wise offers complete training on SDD and also offers architectural services to ensure that the SDD implementation fully utilizes the capability of the product and fits within the business processes.

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