Clinical Trial Data and Document De-Identification & Redaction with Blur

The industry-leading solution for protecting patient privacy, delivering de-identified & redacted clinical trial data and documents, and managing the risk of re-identification

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Finally, a Scalable Solution for De-identifying and Anonymizing Clinical Trial Data and Managing Risk 

d-Wise developed Blur, an application-based de-identification solution, to apply the emerging rules for de-identification and integrate the execution of these rules into a comprehensive workflow-driven process that provides automated documentation, traceability and audit trails. Blur provides an enhanced platform for de-identification, a critical tool for any life sciences firm submitting data to regulatory agencies, or sharing clinical trial findings externally or internally.

The platform provides sophisticated risk management and robust data anonymization controls for biostatisticians and for medical writers charged with producing clinical study reports in compliance with EMA Policy70 guidance.

As an industry solution, Blur is updated as de-identification and redaction rules evolve and converge, and will provide a modern and superior alternative to the development and use of SAS-based de-identification scripts.

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Pfizer - Blur De-Identification User

Are you Policy 0070 Ready?

Policy 0070 from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) specifies how publicly shared CSRs should be presented – specifically in terms of patient anonymization. The EMA’s ruling on CSR treatment is just the beginning. Ultimately, the original data behind the reports will also have to be anonymized, requiring additional consideration and processes so that companies don’t get caught out – or become so lost in their de-identification efforts that they lose track of the complete, unaltered findings.

Although Europe has taken the lead on these matters, the FDA will likely follow suit, implicating U.S. based life sciences organizations to comply.  With Blur, companies can be ready.


Are you a clinical trial expert?
So is Blur.

Blur understands clinical trial data structures, workflow and industry de-identification rules. Using Blur, you’ll be able to meet the regulatory and ethical challenges associated with re-purposing clinical trial data assets for secondary use, preserving data utility and documenting traceability for downstream data consumers.


Reduce the cost and effort of

Deliver high-quality de-identified clinical trial data to your internal and external collaborators at lower cost and 70% faster than any other approach available today.

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De-identified Data and Documents are Easy

Find out how Blur’s de-identification software can improve your processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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More Benefits and Features


No code to write. No syntax to learn.

Integrated workflow

De-identification, review and sign-off are built into the process.

Templates drive efficiency

Accelerate de-identification by applying templates from completed projects to new projects.

Designed for Clinical Trials

Support for PhUSE, TransCelerate and other industry rules is designed into the product.

Specialized resources not required

With a broader resource pool, costs come down and efficiency goes up.

Automated transitions

If there’s no sign-off by the reviewer, there’s no de-identified data to export.

Standards automated delivery

Whether you're using CDISC or other internal standards, Blur enables you to reduce cost and time.

Software-as-a Service

On-premise, in the cloud or provided as a service – d-Wise and Blur are designed to enable your success.

Data preparation is no more

Blur takes the data as is, instead of requiring you to grind it into the right structure.

Reduced risk

Menu-driven functionality limits how far you can wander from the ideal process.

Speaking your language

Blur provides native support for reading and writing SAS data sets, SAS transport files, and more.

Documentation included

Detailed reports document all de-identification activities for downstream users and internal auditors.

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