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DIA Global 2019 = AI Everywhere


Fresh from the robust and bustling exhibit floor at DIA Global 2019. More than any year in the past there was a clear ying and yang of large and small technology vendors. The ying of large enterprise vendors, Oracle, Medidata and Veeva juxtaposed against the yang of the many new small vendors like Saama for AI/ML and long-time point solutions like SAS, Phlexglobal, Sparta Systems, Aris Global and others. AI/ML where the buzzwords on every booth and many vendors presented and discussed the promises of their AI/ML solutions.

Understanding how AI can be leveraged by your company, continues to be a hot topic. Is it just predictive modeling or is it something more? What questions does my company, or my department want the answers to that we can’t get today and how can AI/ML provide insights that we have not seen before. More than ever, the choices are vast, however, what has not changed is the challenge of integrating, configuring, deploying, and adopting these solutions in a way that aligns with the clients requirements and provides value to the company.

In summary, whether you like large enterprise solutions or small point solutions there are some great new offerings and technologies but be prepared to have your mind swimming with the all of the available options and choices.

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