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The Gold Standard in Life Sciences


d-wise was selected as a SAS Gold Partner again for 2019! Recognized for our focus and domain expertise in Life Sciences, d-wise continues to be the #1 leader in business consulting, technology design,  implementation and validated cloud services. We have extensive experience implementing SAS, SAS Grid and SAS Viya including migration & implementation strategies for companies looking to derive insights out of the data.

d-wise reconized as SAS Gold Partner

Did you know d-wise:

....has been a SAS Partner for over 15 years

.... involved with a majority of Top 20 pharma SAS Modernization projects and we're excited to continue that partnership in order to deliver even MORE value to our customers. technology and vendor agnostic.

...has experience in the evaluation and implementation of a wide range of clinical software including  Cambridge Semantics, Entimo, Nurocor, Sycamore and many others.

...leading the move to opensource and new modern computing environments for clinical data analysis

...provides cloud services supporting statistical computing environments for many of the largest Life Sciences, providing around-the-sun managed services from our data and support centers across US, Europe & India.

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