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What we learned: SAS Life Sciences Executive Forum


At the SAS Life Sciences Executive Forum in Basel the focus was on how to use AI and ML within the life sciences industry from hospitals to pharma.

As d-wise is known for merging the innovative with actionable for life science sponsors, our key takeaways were the following:

Several use cases for Blockchain (Michael Dillhyon, Founder of the Geneva based Healthbank) in the patient end to end journey through a hospital and in managing consent. In essence blockchain is instrumental in separating identity from the data and might be of interest in the context of data transparency, not a topic we at d-wise have been involved in but we are experimenting in our innovation lab with test data and will monitoring closely.

SAS demonstrated their RWE solution; and a case study of cohort definition and then model application was presented (Juljiana Dukanovic & Andrew Leary from Dr Regenold GmBH), a topic we are helping several clients with now attempting to maximize.

There are some interesting challenges and opportunities associated with the use of IoT (digitalization, applications, automation, sensors etc) in clinical trials (Dr Jens Eckstein) that are bringing the capability for faster diagnosis, analysis (Ivan Brundslund). In our opinion we see promise but are awaiting future indicators for how to assist our clients with systematizing this across regions and at scale.

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