Legacy System Modernization Acceleration Strategy Technology Blueprint

How d-wise Can Help Guide Your R&D IT and Product Development Team to the Future

Legacy System Modernization Acceleration Strategy Technology Blueprint

With over two decades of life science business, R&D, and IT experience, d-wise understands that setting up successful clinical trial workflow processes and strategies to get products ready for submission takes industry knowledge, the right tools, and a strong future state vision to guide your team forward.

The Technology Blueprint was designed to provide an independent, holistic view on the current state of clinical data and analysis ecosystem, including its people and processes. Designed to give sponsors an in-depth assessment of their current submission readiness state, our customizable offering can include:

  • Current State Assessments
  • A Benchmark Industry Comparison
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Technology Selection
  • Future State Vision
  • Support services to bring online

Following your Current State Assessment, our analysis can help identify the best methods to help fill your current process and tool gaps to ensure compliance and efficiency.

Common clinical trial analysis process and tool challenges

Identifying gaps that lead to non-compliance and rejected submissions

The constant pressure to comply with submission regulations while simultaneously staying efficient and effective can be taxing for pharma sponsors and companies that are underprepared. Systems with gaps or deficiencies can often lead to inefficient workflows, impaired data security, and even submission rejection.

The Current State Assessment portion of the Technology Blueprint was designed to identify potential gaps or deficiencies within an organization’s current processes, tools, and strategies. Utilizing a third-party perspective can allow companies to discover issues they may otherwise have overlooked and address them quickly and effectively.

Unclear Industry Standing & Lack of Competitive Edge

Examining the current state of an organization’s clinical data and analysis ecosystems is only one aspect to consider when determining its true standing. By examining the state of other organizations in the industry, sponsors can gain a clearer understanding of exactly how well their current ecosystems are performing.

The Benchmark Industry Comparison section of the Technology Blueprint compares organizations with the latest domain developments and practices in order to inform clients where they stand relative to the industry. Doing so can give an organization a stronger competitive edge and allow further industry-leading practices to form.

Legacy Tools That Hold Organizations Back

In an effort to keep up with the continual evolution of technology used in the clinical trial industry, regulations have become more stringent and encompassing in order to preserve and improve data integrity and transparency. Organizations that continue to use legacy tools and software may be bogged down by slow speeds or may be struggling to stay compliant with the latest regulations.

The Technology Roadmap and Technology Selection aspects of the Technology Blueprint were designed to identify software and tool deficiencies that may be holding sponsors back from high performance, compliance, and accuracy. Once the environments have been examined, organizations are left with clear recommendations on the best tools to address their individual needs going forward.

Unclear Path to Progression

Once any gaps or deficiencies in technology or processes have been identified, how does an organization go about addressing them? In many cases, the best solutions to these issues may be difficult to determine, particularly for organizations that lack industry and technology experience or expertise.

The Cooperative Future State Vision section of the Technology Blueprint presents organizations with the most advantageous solutions to solve gaps and deficiencies in currently used tools and practices. Backed by knowledgeable experts in the life science business, R&D, and IT domains, the recommendations that come with this offering are made-to-measure and intended to address every issue, no matter how unique.

Get Expert Help Optimizing Your Submission Readiness

The Technology Blueprint offering by d-wise is the #1 technology and process optimization consultation for pharma companies and sponsors having trouble preparing their drugs for submission. Our industry experts can help your teams get on the right track, ensuring submission approval, internal workflow efficiency, and getting to market faster. 

To learn more, reach out to the experts today to learn how we can help get you to the future state you've always dreamed of.