Blur Transparency Services Data De-Identification & Anonymization
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Hydrating a Data Lake: Automating Data De-identification for Secondary Use

Case Studies Blur Transparency Services Data De-Identification & Anonymization

A top sponsor had a large amount of data from completed studies that they were not able to utilize to its full potential due to compliance standards for protected healthcare information. They enlisted d-wise to help with a pilot project to assist them in accelerating the flow of data to and from an internal data lake by automating data anonymization to achieve re-identification risk levels suitable for internal secondary use.

They enlisted d-wise to help:
  • Create a scalable method to anonymize multiple studies
  • Enable a data flow that facilitates compliant internal sharing
  • Establish & enforce an appropriate risk threshold

Learn how we helped the client anonymize 5 core datasets from 84 studies in 30 minutes with just one manual task.

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