Life Sciences Open Source Analytics News

d-wise Partners with Mango Solutions to Accelerate Open Source Software

Life Sciences Open Source Analytics News

The newly formed partnership between d-wise and Mango Solutions is set to be the catalyst for OSS adoption within clinical trial analysis.

OSS enables flexible and deeper analysis of data sets that promise to bring data science to life science product development. According to a 2020 biostatistics study, validation concerns were listed as the key barrier preventing full adoption of open source for product development. This partnership equips enterprise life science companies with a solution that provides hundreds of pre-validated R packages along with the strategy and system to fully leverage open source software across the enterprise.

Life science sponsors now have the confidence to innovate their clinical analytic environments with pre-validated compliant and validated systems and tools, which are being embraced ahead of costly and restrictive legacy programming tools, exemplified in this case study at a leading enterprise pharmaceutical sponsor.

Before pre-validation of OSS, d-wise offered strategic guidance and services to assist IT teams in navigating the intricate steps to select and utilize OSS. Now using pre-validated OSS packages from Mango Solutions, the clinical analysis environments designed and built by d-wise seamlessly generate data science analysis with incredible visual and analytic capabilities.

"d-wise has extensive experience in building, configuring and integrating computing solutions in the regulated clinical trials environment. Our partnership with Mango extends our capabilities in this area through products like ValidR Enterprise and additional consulting experience in data science. Our combined balance of validated platforms and industry experience serves both companies well and will provide an exceptional range of services and products for the industry." -d-wise

“Through the adoption of Mango Solution’s ValidR Enterprise solution, pharmaceutical sponsors have accessibility to 400+ validated, production-ready R packages that pass through a rigorous 7-step validation process. Our partnership with d-wise is the first step to wide adoption of OSS for product development presenting significant opportunities of a technology agonistic, open source environment. ValidR satisfies FDA guideline 21 CRF Part 11, mitigating risk associated with drug design, development and clinical trials. Through the partnership, life science sponsors will be supported to build a lasting capability around modern, analytic application development”. - Mango Solutions 

About d-wise

Thought leaders in clinical analytic environments, the world’s largest life science companies trust d-wise to lead strategy and modernization of validated systems and technologies. CROs & sponsors trust d-wise clinical analysis expertise and to navigate technology change in product development data science.  

About Mango Solutions

Mango Solutions has been empowering organisation’s to make informed decisions using data science and advanced analytics since 2002. In addition to delivering data science projects for some of the world’s best-known companies, Mango also offers a comprehensive range of training and upskilling programmes for all user levels to help organisations build a successful data science capability internally. 

Mango’s ValidR provides highly regulated industries a secure and compliant access to a production ready version of R. Visit or follow @MangoTheCat.