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SAS Consulting for Life Sciences

d-Wise's consultants have worked for Life Sciences companies, or for SAS, or both.   Whether you're looking for consultants that understand the bare metal of how SAS works under the covers, or consultants that understand how your clinical trial teams use SAS on a daily basis, d-Wise's consultants have repeatedly helped our customers get maximum value from their SAS investments.


If your SAS license is expiring, or you need to add SAS processing capacity, or implement new SAS products, you know you'll be spending part of your carefully allocated budget.  

But are you sure you know what to license?  Or how SAS processing will be impacted by operating system limitations? Or how to design your license with flexibility that aligns with expected growth?  

While your team might deal with SAS licenses every few years, d‑Wise is helping our customers with SAS licensing every few weeks. By applying our SAS licensing experiences to your needs and expectations, you'll get the license you need to optimize your SAS investment.

modernizing SAS

Modernizing Your SAS Environment

Over time, even the best SAS implementations struggle to remain optimal and cost-effective as organizations grow and evolve.  For some customers, that means migrating from a PC-based SAS implementation to server SAS. For others, a flexible SAS grid is the best answer.

Whether you're a SAS user, SAS administrator, or responsible for IT infrastructure and staffing, a modern SAS implementation enables you to deploy SAS so that it provides end-users with the performance and capabilities they need, while minimizing the time, effort, and cost for the IT team.

Validation.  Compliance. Traceability.

SAS validation is a critical aspect of clinical trials. That makes the SAS implementation process highly specialized, and different from what is expected in other industries.  d-Wise has done more validated SAS installations than any other company in the world. We know what needs to be done, what doesn't need to be done, and how to do the job right.

When you're licensing SAS' foundation technologies, or a complex grid that includes SAS' latest and most advanced products, d-Wise has the experience to validate your SAS implementations and bring confidence to your compliance expectations.

SAS validation
Validated Hosting and Managed Services

Hosting and Managed Services

When you spend as much time around SAS as d-Wise, you start thinking "Maybe we should just take the entire SAS burden off our customers' hands".  And that's exactly what we've done.

d-Wise is now providing validated SAS hosting and managed services for our life sciences customers.   You can say goodbye to servers, goodbye to validation, goodbye to performance challenges – and hello to hassle-free SAS administration and processing.

And if you need help desk support, integration with 3rd party applications or specialized services, d-Wise is available to fully manage your SAS needs.

SAS Drug Development

d-Wise offers a wide range of implementation services to help your organization fully leverage its investment in SAS Drug Development.  We provide:

  • Expansive knowledge of SAS Drug Development functionality and an understanding of how to apply it
  • In-depth knowledge of the SAS Drug Development API and experience writing customized extensions and integrations
  • Extensive SAS Drug Development implementation experience including change management, system validation and user acceptance testing, training, and documentation
  • Proven success working with international companies on global implementation projects
SAS Drug Development

Visual and Advanced Analytics

SAS' newer products enable users to apply advanced visualization and analytical capabilities easier than ever - but only if the data that drives these activities has been properly prepared.  The unique nature of clinical trial data (many smaller data sets) makes it fundamentally different than what SAS' advanced products expect as input (one or two very large data sets).

d-Wise has the experience to transform your clinical data into structures that are meaningful for SAS' advanced capabilities, and then build the models, analyses and reports driven by that data.   

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