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Reveal enables biopharmaceutical companies and CRO's to rapidly find answers to clinical data questions — even when you're not sure where to start looking.

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Reveal gives any authorized user the ability to search within and across your data repositories – No SAS experience required.

Whether you want to find which individual clinical trial had an unusual adverse event, or all of the Phase II trials with sites in France, Reveal puts that insight right at your fingertips.


Jumpstart your responses to executive and regulatory questions

When the phone rings, your first reaction shouldn't be to start calling around to find someone from six departments over that can help you. Reveal can immediately put you on the right path to finding the answer yourself.


Filing systems are so 2010. Why dig through folders when you can search directly for the answers to your questions?

The clinical trial you need to find was for the same compound but for a different indication. Should you look in the compound repository or the indication repository? With Reveal, you never need to know where to look.  You just need to look.

Understanding your data asset inventory is critical to every data migration project

Over time, your data inventory grows and expands in unexpected ways. When you're migrating data assets to a new repository or a new company, the simplest answer is to copy everything — even if it's full of duplicates and dead-ends.  Reveal enables you to understand your data assets so your migration can be efficient and successful. 



"We have been able to reduce the time to find clinical information from days to minutes in some cases – allowing us to quickly answer critical questions saving our company time and money”


Daiichi Sankyo’s Manager of Project Data Operations

Why crawl when you can soar?

Once you start using Reveal to search for data set content, you'll never crawl through system folders again

More Benefits and Features

Shine a light on clinical trial data

Reveal gives pharmaceutical companies a window into their clinical data inventory across all available repositories.

Search far and wide

Data assets scattered across file systems and repositories? Reveal will find what you’re looking for — wherever it’s stored.

Easy search

If you know how to search the internet for Reveal, you know how to search with Reveal.

Narrow the focus

Want to find things even faster and with more precision? Metadata-enabled search takes you to the next level.

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We’ve built an industry-leading search solution for clinical trial data. See why it’s right for you.

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