Leveraging Data for Healthcare & Life Science Machine Learning

Rich data sets, customized algorithms, and domain talent - all three are required for the successful application of machine learning. Our machine learning solutions are built by integrating raw data from any source and type that you have available.

d-wise Improves Your Ability to Leverage Data

 15 minutes. That’s how long a doctor spends with a patient to assess, diagnose and deliver a plan of care. Historically, medical records and basic assessment data have been the only sources used by physicians to treat patients. Health Plans have been even more limited in their use of data to support efforts to lower medical cost trends and improve population health, incorporating only claims data into analytics on their members.

However, the evolution of computing and analytic technologies are making it easy to aggregate and store massive amounts of individual patient data, of any type and in any format. Machine Learning services from d-wise combine data science talent with deep domain expertise in Health and Life Sciences to deliver measurable analytic value to our clients.

RADAR Gives Full Visibility Through Analytical Data

Using RADAR, health plans can optimize revenue by identifying members who are most likely to have missed diagnoses and segment providers to reveal those who are most likely to inaccurately capture diagnoses that impact risk-adjusted revenue.

Provider Predictive Suite Provides a Strategic View of Risk Tolerance

d-wise has developed a suite of core analytics tools that provide hospitals and health systems with a strategic view of risk tolerance. Provider Predictive Suite helps identify patients at risk for adverse events and implement care pathways and resources accordingly. 

Consensus Integrates Data & Analytics Into One

Consensus allows you to leverage data as an enterprise asset to support, inform and drive business strategy by establishing the “what”, “how”, and “who” behind key decisions and critical prioritizations.

Consensus Integrates Data & Analytics Into One
Health PlanIQ Delivers Visibility into Health Claim Details

Health PlanIQ Delivers Visibility into Health Claim Details

Health PlanIQ offers Health Insurers a managed suite of machine learning models specifically designed for health plans to target improvements in the areas of risk adjustment, HEDIS, member churn, and medical cost trends. Our models give you timely, relevant, and actionable insights that provide tangible value to the analytic initiatives in your organization.