Keith W. Ward

Director, Global Marketing

About Keith

Keith W. Ward, Director, Global Marketing, has over 40 years experience directing the marketing, creative services, events and public relations efforts for several Life Science, Technology, Hospitality and Fortune 500 firms. He has over 20 years experience in marketing regulatory as well clinical software products and services.

Earlier in his career, Keith served as Creative Director for a multi-million dollar, full-service advertising, direct mail and fulfillment agency, CCG.

In '92 as VP of Marketing for the  public start-up, Laser Recording Systems, (LRS), Keith was instrumental in developing and marketing the first electronic new drug application CANDA to the FDA for Sandoz. (Now Novartis). 

Keith joined ISI-Image Solutions, Inc. in 2004 and contributed as Assistant Director, Global Marketing to help support revenue growth and profitability of over 50% per year for 4 years. The company was sold in 2008 for 52MM.

Keith joined DZS Software Solutions, in 2009. DZS, is a privately-held, SAS-based CRO and software developer. Keith directed global marketing strategy for a suite of five clinical software products for Data Management, Coding, TFL, including a web-based Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) and web-based Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System under the brandname Clinplus.

At d-Wise, Keith manages marketing operations in alignment with corporate strategy and works with subject matter experts to promote technical services and software products that solve complex business issues in drug development and healthcare.