Process Improvement

d-Wise’s improved processes optimize the way health insurance organizations service customers, manage workflow, and capture data.

Health Insurance is a business where satisfying the needs of individual members, employer groups, providers, and regulatory agencies is no easy task. Add to the mix increasing competitive pressures and health care reform, and it becomes more complex by the day.

There has never been a greater need in the industry to streamline processes to meet the needs of the business. Customers who grow more sophisticated about their benefits and become more demanding about the delivery of those benefits force health insurance companies to develop processes that are more agile and adaptable to the rapidly changing expectations of its customers.

Improved processes are the key to optimizing the way health insurance organizations service customers, manage workflow and operations, and capture data that support decisions that drive the direction of the organization.

  • We employ the Six Sigma methodology to accomplish organizational goals
  • Customized six sigma training specific to health insurance, leading large scale improvement projects that improve workflow and reduce costs
  • Integration services that blend front end processes and applications with back-end reporting and analytic needs