Outsource complexity and risk with   De-Identification Service 

Future-proof your organization for ever-changing global regulations mandating the publication of clinical trial information

Streamline anonymization of data and documents at scale


New transparency regulations are now in place that may affect your global pharmaceutical organization.  

Allow d-wise experts to provide effective, streamlined anonymization services at scale and cost. With one partnership, identify and classify the study variables, measure the re-identification risk and anonymize the data and study document for submission to regulatory agencies. 




Why d-wise De-Identification as a Service is different?

Through one partnership obtain leading technology and domain experts  to automate transparency for your organization


  • d-wise clinical trial transparency partners Claritidox has led the delivery of over 5,500 redacted documents and supported development and completion of more than 30 EMA Policy 0070 submissions
  • Undisputed leadership with members of the EMA Technical Anonymization Group, the Health Canada Stakeholder Reference Group on Public Release of Clinical Information, and the lead of the Phuse Working Group on Data Transparency

Advanced Technology

  • Advanced access to Blur propriety software
  • Workflow driven tool with audit trail functionality
  • Significantly increases the efficiency with which data can be anonymized to meet different purposes
  • Streamlines anonymization of data and documents into one consistent exercise


  • Support sponsors at all levels of anonymization: redaction only through quantitative anonymization
  • Ability to scale to support any volume requirements from singular support of one EMA Policy 0070 submission to much larger corporate transparency policies that include EMA Policies 0070 and 0043 deliverables
  • Anonymization process was developed to support an efficient non-iterative data and document preparation process

Blur: The Industry Leading Software forData De-Identification

To meet the emerging anonymization needs of the industry, d-wise developed Blur, an application-based de-identification solution. Blur provides an enhanced platform for de-identification, a critical tool for any life sciences firm submitting data to regulatory agencies or sharing clinical trial findings externally or internally. Specific benefits include:

  • Sophisticated risk management and robust data anonymization controls for those charged with producing clinical study reports in compliance with EMA Policy 0070 guidance
  • Continual updates as de-identification and redaction rules evolve
  • A superior alternative to SAS-based de-identification scripts for the anonymization of data sets
  • The template-based framework of Blur allows sponsors to re-anonymize the same data set for different purposes with extreme efficiency
  • One of the few platforms that tie the anonymization of a document to the anonymization of the underlying datasets – resulting in two deliverables that are prepared with consistent methodologies

d-wise's application-based solution, blur