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Quick, Accurate, Flexible and Fully-Documented De-ID Services designed for clinical trials

Until now, de-identifying clinical trial data has involved writing one-off SAS programs or developing a library of SAS macros. But as the volume of requests increases for internal and external data sharing, this approach has become unsustainable. What teams really need is a definitive, efficient, repeatable, scalable and secure way of managing data de-identification.  

Although some companies have adopted an outsourcing approach, this ultimately relies on these same traditional SAS programming methods - using highly proficient SAS programmers, and resulting in premium costs.  

As long as organizations default to manual ways of managing data de-identification, they will leave themselves exposed to:

  • Soaring Costs
  • Quality issues associated with human error
  • Inconsistent workflows to support the de-identification review lifecycle
  • Insufficient programmatic skills and/or data knowledge
  • The risk of teams and processes becoming encumbered by the demands of a growing numbers of studies 
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Reduce the cost and effort of

To address the growing demands for de-identification, the clinical trials experts at d-Wise have developed a powerful de-identification as-a-Service platform leveraging Blur.

The #1 solution in its field, Blur is designed to provide highly efficient, application-driven approach to de-identification. It has been built expressly for clinical trial data and documents and aligned with clinical trial de-identification guidelines from industry working groups.

Clients can license Blur through a software-as-a-Service model (SaaS), with the option to engage d‑Wise to deliver outsourced de-identification services using the Blur platform. This offers companies with limited capital or resources an efficient way to accelerate the delivery of redacted data for future studies, both internal and external. 


De-Identification Service Process

To take advantage of the Blur de-identification as-a-service platform, teams simply need to provide us with clinical trial data sets via SFTP,, or a specified client-provided data exchange platform. 

This data can conform to either the CDISC SDTM structure or a client-specific data structure. (Non-CDISC data will be subject to preliminary review by d-Wise experts, who will need to assess the complexity of the structure and any irregularities that may increase the work involved.)

The following supporting materials will be needed for each data set:

  • The trial CRF (annotated) if available
  • The dataset
  • The mapping file 

d-Wise will then process the submitted data using our own secure, compliant systems, according to an agreed subset of the guidance. 

At the conclusion of the project, we’ll provide the following deliverables back to you using the original means of data transfer:

  • De-identification Rule Specification (document)
  • De-identified trial data (SAS datasets)
  • De-Identification report (document)
  • IQ/OQ Validation Artifacts 

Measuring the value of d-Wise's Blur De-ID-as-a-Service

  • d-Wise’s deep domain expertise combined with our Blur-based de-identification process automation enables up to 42% greater productivity compared with manual SAS macro-based de-identification
  • Blur mitigates the risk of re-identification of trial participants and their individual patient data (IPD) thanks to the software’s ability to adjust the degree of de-identification to the type of data-sharing required
  • All d-Wise de-identification services are delivered using our private cloud hosting facility, giving confidence that your clinical trial data will be secure, available 24/7, and fully compliant with industry requirements. We use the most advanced hardware and software on the market to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

If you’re struggling to fulfill rising clinical data de-identification requirements or have a growing need to be able to re-use valuable data for other purposes including further research, d-Wise can rapidly and cost-effectively do the work for you – with the assurance of high quality, automated workflow and complete audit trails.

Why d-Wise?
d-Wise staff are experts in de-identification processes and regulatory guidance, including Policy 70, Policy 43 and European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  regulations. d-Wise currently has 2 active consultants with proven experience in data privacy in healthcare, anonymization of clinical data and reanalysis of clinical data who reside on the EMA Technical Anonymization Group (TAG). Their goal is to help establish best practices for anonymization by monitoring and addressing issues as they arise in the context of implementing Policy 70.

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De-identified Data and Documents are Easy

Let the clinical trial experts at d-Wise conveniently, and securely, anonymize your data in alignment with global working group requirements. 

Download our datasheet to learn more.

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More Benefits and Features


No code to write. No syntax to learn.

Integrated workflow

De-identification, review and sign-off are built into the process.

Templates drive efficiency

Accelerate de-identification by applying templates from completed projects to new projects.

Designed for Clinical Trials

Support for PhUSE, TransCelerate and other industry rules is designed into the product.

Specialized resources not required

With a broader resource pool, costs come down and efficiency goes up.

Automated transitions

If there’s no sign-off by the reviewer, there’s no de-identified data to export.

Standards automated delivery

Whether you're using CDISC or other internal standards, Blur enables you to reduce cost and time.

Software-as-a Service

On-premise, in the cloud or provided as a service – d-Wise and Blur are designed to enable your success.

Data preparation is no more

Blur takes the data as is, instead of requiring you to grind it into the right structure.

Reduced risk

Menu-driven functionality limits how far you can wander from the ideal process.

Speaking your language

Blur provides native support for reading and writing SAS data sets, SAS transport files, and more.

Documentation included

Detailed reports document all de-identification activities for downstream users and internal auditors.

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