Streamline clinical data analysis for regulatory submissions

Get quick access to speed your analytics and processing with a turnkey, proven statistical computing environment

Clinical Acceleration Platform (CAP) takes the headache out of system validation

Getting ready to deliver clinical trial data analysis to regulatory agencies for approval? Never had to worry about a statistical computing environment before, or frustrated by the effort it takes to maintain and upgrade in a validated state?

 To help ease the burden and streamline the process, d-wise created CAP, the industry’s leading statistical computing environment for clinical data  that’s turnkey, scalable, and validated. CAP’s unique concierge service handles most of the validation for you enabling you to get access to the system within 1 week. Take your clinical trial analysis process to the next level – with the reliability, speed, and compliance accuracy of CAP.


What makes CAP different?

Get the best statistical computing performance and support available in the marketplace fast. Following are a few essential reasons to consider using CAP from d-wise:

  • CAP can be ready for use within 1 week
  • Built by a team experienced in both the analytic work of clinical trial analysis and the business of maintaining and supporting the platforms to bring reliability that comes with fit-for-purpose simple tools
  • Across the pharmaceutical industry, d-wise is seen as the leader in statistical computing environments implementations

Key features

If you’re looking for efficient system validation when preparing a drug or medical device for regulatory submission, the statistical computing power of CAP offers the following important benefits:

  • Validated SAS environment
  • Qualified installation of R
  • Version controlled storage for files
  • Designed and managed by SAS Experts
  • Aligned to life science business best practices
  • Fully managed Infrastructure
  • Application support