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Why Data Standards Matter

Over the past 15 years, FDA and industry have aligned to make significant progress in promoting, adopting, and developing data standards to align with FDA’s goal of accelerating the regulatory review..

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How AI has the potential to fundamentally change healthcare: PhUSE

I just returned from an event in Hoboken where PhuSE brought organizations together to explore a hot topic that's being discussed in our industry: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Transformation..

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Focal Points of SAS Forum

d-wise just left the SAS Clinical Trial Data Transparency Forum in Heidelberg. There were three main focal points being discussed: success stories of data transparency, being prepared for public..

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What we learned: SAS Life Sciences Executive Forum

At the SAS Life Sciences Executive Forum in Basel the focus was on how to use AI and ML within the life sciences industry from hospitals to pharma.

As d-wise is known for merging the innovative with..

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DIA Global 2019 = AI Everywhere

Fresh from the robust and bustling exhibit floor at DIA Global 2019. More than any year in the past there was a clear ying and yang of large and small technology vendors. The ying of large enterprise..

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The Gold Standard in Life Sciences

d-wise was selected as a SAS Gold Partner again for 2019! Recognized for our focus and domain expertise in Life Sciences, d-wise continues to be the #1 leader in business consulting, technology..

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PhUSE 2019: Working Groups

"Open, Transparent and Collaborative" is the mission of PhUSE.  It is in this non-competitive environment where the pharmaceutical industry's leading data scientists, programmers and drug development..

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Living with SAS Grid: Optimize your Execution

Whether you are new to a SAS Grid based environment, or you have been using it for some time, the chances are that in a life science environment you are not making the most of it. The biggest change..

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5 Things You'll Learn in Our Upcoming CAP Webinar

Here at d-wise we're preparing for our upcoming webinar "Discover a better & faster validated analytical platform" on May 15th. If you're on the fence & trying to decide if this webinar will be for..

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Good Timing – How Converging Trends Will Impact Validation for Small/Medium Pharma


Validation software has traditionally always been a source of great frustration for CROs and small/medium Pharma companies. Investing in and maintaining a validated statistical computing..

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