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Case Study: Data Warehousing Portfolio


data-warehouse-portfoliod-Wise veteran data architects have broad experience applying data warehousing domain expertise to build robust models for decision support. d-Wise solutions for clinical trial optimization, metadata management and clinical standards provide a solid foundation for extracting accurate business analytics to enable critical business decisions to be made rapidly and based on all the data.

The d-Wise Approach

Within the healthcare arena, d-Wise provides data optimization for actuarial, quality, medical-management, and operational data marts and data warehouses as well as support for fraud detection using data-driven and repeatable processes.

Our team can transform data warehousing  from a contentious challenge to a value delivering asset. the d-Wise approach envolves:

  • Data-driven requirements gathering, comprehensively addressing the needs of the business users, IT, and enterprise architectures

  • Technology-agnostic solutions that ensures the right solution for your unique needs

  • Deep expertise in data integration and ETL to build reusable modules

  • Best practices implementation to define platforms that help your data managers focus on the data rather than the tools

  • Metadata-driven data management approach streamlines B2B interfaces and captures the right information about your data  

  • Defined warehouse models for integrating disparate operational data sources for your enterprise needs

In this Case Study the problems of a diverse range of clients are clearly identified and resolved because d-Wise delivered a specific solution for each of the following clients:

  • One of the Largest Electric Holding Companies in the US

  • A Large State Healthcare Organization

  • An Independent Licensee for a Large Healthcare Organization

  • A Tier 1 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

  • A large Transformational Medical Technologies and Services Organization

  • One of the Largest Advanced Analytics Organizations in the World

  • A Global Healthcare Leader


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