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10 Tips on Getting Funded for Our Web-based Search Solution


In order to get your enterprise search project funded, you MUST build a strong business case.
 In this whitepaper you will learn all of the components of a strong business case as well as the full 10 tips for getting funded.

Here are a few examples of a strong business case:

  • It is comprehensive in scope
  • It is linked to a high priority business need
  • It defines the resources required (budget, staff, facilities, etc.)
  • It quantifies the value brought to the company in relationship to the investment required. Cost savings, increased revenue.

The 10 Tips On Getting Funded for Our Web-based Search Solution:

  1. Executive Summary: Make sure you write the executive summary at the end of your process.

  2. Business Needs: What problems are you trying to fix? What critical business needs does your initiative address? 

  3. Program Description: Is this a company-wide initiative or departmental

To read the rest of our list of the components of a strong business case and the remaining seven tips on Getting Funded for our Web-based Search Solution, please download our Free Whitepaper: 

Ten Tips on Getting Funding Whitepaper

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