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d-Wise Hosted Webinar on Extending SAS Drug Development


SAS Drug Development provides an information repository allowing users across an organization to collate, manage, and analyze their clinical data and other artifacts within a centralized and compliant platform. While SAS Drug Development offers a wealth of functionality it does not necessarily provide answers to DWise-Icon-SAS.pngevery business process. However, SAS Drug Development does provide a very extensible platform allowing for a variety of methods for extending the capabilities of the solution to meet your business needs. 

This webinar provided an overview of the technical options for extending SAS Drug Development, a summary of case studies where efficiencies were gained, and a demonstration of sample prototypes using the extensibility of the solution.

You can access the recorded webinar and associated slides by creating a new account and logging into our site.  Once you register and log in, you can download webinar content from our downloads page.

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