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d-Wise Moves to New Offices

westchase4020 resized 600

d-Wise Technologies has been experiencing accelerating growth and has recently relocated to a new location in Westchase Business Park in July of 2009.  This new location is a premier location adjacent to Research Triangle Park in the heart of West Raleigh.  Looking to the future, d-Wise is investing in research and development initiatives to provide the Life Sciences industry with innovative solutions to realize new efficiencies and enhanced capabilities by leveraging standards and metadata.  These R&D initiatives and continued growth in d-Wise professional services were rapidly out-growing the Centennial Campus offices and were the impetus to relocate to new offices that would accomodate the size of the growing d-Wise team.

Next time you are in Raleigh, come visit d-Wise in our new offices:

4020 Westchase Blvd
Suite 527
Raleigh, North Carolina 27607


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