d-Wise has the expertise, flexibility and Partner solutions suites to provide the right solution to meet your business needs today and into the future.

Oftentimes within a healthcare organization, multiple operational systems, data sources, and data types exist. These disparate sources of data make it difficult for a company to get a holistic view its clinical quality, operations and finances.

We'll help you leverage your data and analytics using a proven expertise and methodologies to develop the right solutions for your business.

Our suite of Partner solutions and tools help your organization with:

Analytics Strategy

Our data and analytics assessments are successful and repeatable processes that identify the barriers that currently exist in your organization and prevent you from leveraging data as a strategic asset and performing advanced analytics. Our assessments help identify the data and/or analytic vision for your organization. In most cases, we tailor  your assessment to the specific needs of your company and deliver a strategy and roadmap for advancing analytics and improving data processes.

Data Integration

We have over a decade of expertise in  building enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) and integrating data in preparation for reporting and analysis. Our data warehouse team understands the nuances of healthcare claims, provider network and member data and the typical reporting and analytic metrics used in healthcare. We also lead initiatives around data quality to ensure the EDW is reliable and accurate. Our services add value by not simply supporting the coding in the EDW, but by advising clients on the design and functionality necessary to achieve the goals of senior management. 

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BI Optimization

d-Wise knows there are a multitude of tools available to meet corporate or departmental reporting and analytic goals. It is difficult to know which data or reporting tool is the best choice in a given situation. The BI Optimization strategy at d-Wise supports your organization by developing a strategy that addresses the typical barriers users encounter when trying to get their work done. Those barriers are depicted in this diagram.

BI Challenges

Technology Selection/Implementation

For many companies, the selection of technology can prove challenging and a potentially time consuming activity. From gathering and agreeing on business and IT requirements, to assessing the wide range of technology options available in the market, many companies struggle with the best and most efficient way to proceed.

Between defining their overall strategy, the requirements, reviewing the various vendor alternatives, the software and support services they offer, and the options available for implementation, companies can waste significant time; time that might better be spent on their core business.

d-Wise Healthcare consultants have years of experience in working with a variety of organizations and technologies to rapidly move you through this process and get to a position to leverage your data with advanced analytics. 

We'll help you:

  • Review your business case and opportunities to follow best practice
  • Focus on Your Core Business
  • Reduce your Time‐to‐Decision
  • Save internal resources on vendor search, due diligence and project management
  • Completely eliminate the time‐consuming RFI process
  • Leverage real-world implementation experience across a range of technologies
  • Retain optional on-going advisory services support from a vendor neutral perspective

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