Storing, Managing, Accessing and Protecting Your Data is a Significant Cost! d-Wise Can Save You Time and Money!

d-Wise understands your world. We're focused on collecting and managing data that improves the lives of millions. Clear, relevant and comprehensive information is the core to decision-making in life science and healthcare. From Life Science organizations searching for a cure for life-threatening illnesses to breakthrough medical devices, or promising biologic and healthcare professionals concerned with stricter compliance regulations, our goal is to work with you, to provide innovative data-driven solutions that fit your unique and evolving requirements.

Information is the core to decision-making in Life Science and Healthcare. At d-Wise, we're focused on helping healthcare providers and payers’organizations small and large, transform their business, lower costs and ultimately transform the live of others.

Life Science Solutions

data-warehouse-solutions Life Science solutions deliver new technologies and treatments to improve the health and well-being of the public. Building competitive advantage requires being first-to-market, with the best and safest product, developed at the lowest cost. Maintaining your commercial advantage requires a scientific-like analysis of the business. Access to a complete data picture is essential! And d-Wise can can deliver on that vision.

d-Wise works with Life Sciences organizations worldwide to deliver the new clinical data warehouse technologies and metadata management systems to optimize organizational processes, increase data quality and regulatory compliance, and manage disparate systems that prevent them from optimizing and leveraging their data. We offer unique and creative approaches to data storage and data management platforms for scaleable data management architecture for all data types. Through consolidation of different – often poorly utilized – storage, systems and processes, d-Wise-designed solutions simplify administration, drive efficiency and facilitate real-time decision making.

Our definition of a Clinical Data Repository (CDR) or Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) is a real-time database that consolidates data from a variety of clinical sources to present a unified view of a single patient. When optimized, it will allow clinicians to retrieve data for a single patient rather than to identify a population of patients with common characteristics or to facilitate the management of a specific clinical department. Data types typically managed in a CDR include: patient demographics, lab results, pharmacy and radiology reports/images, and a variety of other patient-specific information. When d-Wise is building a data repository to deliver clinical data for reporting, analysis and regulatory submission we typically use clinical standards toolkits to standardize and conform the data to CDISC and other clinical data best practices. Our standards-driven methodology improves the quality of study data production and results in significantly less custom programming being required as data is re-used. Visit our Blog to read more about "Moving Standards Out of the Stone Age", and "d-Wise's View of Metadata Repositories (MDRs) - 2013" or learn about our partnership with SOA, and our ability to deliver Semantics Management. d-Wise metadata management solutions give you access to a complete data picture, thus allowing you to focus, analyze and innovate. This, in turn, helps you maintain your commercial advantage. Savor the success of being first-to-market with the ideal product, instead of struggling to utilize your data just to keep up.

The d-Wise approach:

  • Our approach drives insight into the commercialization activity and opportunity to enable analysis and refinement
  • Our processes accelerates product advancement and improves your development pipeline success
  • We guarantee regulatory compliance
  • We empower enterprise-wide-collaboration with the right information presented at the right time and place


Data Warehouses for Healthcare


Healthcare Provider Solutions

  • Optimize access to patient data and clinical innovation
  • Enable cost-effective service delivery by leveraging existing investments
  • Simplify administration, lower costs and increase storage capacity

data-warehouse-toolsProviders are under growing pressure to take advantage of their data – and the application silos they reside in – to optimize their decision making capabilities. By supporting this enhanced decision making capability, d-Wise enables healthcare providers to be more efficient, cost effective and innovative. More importantly, we help providers transform healthcare delivery and ultimately, patient outcomes.

d-Wise's unique approach to healthcare data features a common virtualized platform with scalable data management architecture for all data and imaging types. We consolidate different, often poorly utilized, departmental storage systems into a single view to immediately deliver simplified administration, lowered costs and increased storage capacity.
  • Support cost-effective delivery of healthcare
  • Drives clinical utilization of technology as a means of improving patient care and reducing costs
  • Ensures security and privacy regulations

Healthcare Payer Solutions

Healthcare reform has the potential to dramatically change the payer industry. As a result, payers are under intense pressure to fully leverage their data as part of their business decision process. We work with our payer customers to provide a foundation for their competitive advantage strategies with solutions that offer high availability, scalability and performance.

By supporting optimal access to better quality data, d-Wise enables healthcare payers to be more efficient, cost effective and competitive.

Our unique approach to data storage and management provides a scalable data management architecture for all data types. We consolidate different, often poorly utilized, departmental storage systems into a single view to immediately deliver simplified administration, lowered costs and increased storage capacity.
  • We'll Reduce IT storage complexity and costs to support business agility
  • We'll help you leverage your data to improve product quality, value and relevance
  • We'll definitely increase your operational efficiency and improve bottom line costs!
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