While analytics promises significant return, the majority of work involved is in preparing the data… in fact almost 80%!

Oftentimes within a healthcare organization, multiple operational systems, data sources, and data types exist. These disparate sources of data make it difficult for a company to get a holistic view its operations and finances.  An enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is built to extract, transform and load data from multiple systems, databases, and files into a central repository that can store current as well as historical data. An EDW is generally used for creating status or trending reports for senior management.

Analytic Data Marts (ADMs)

80_While an EDW is meant to serve the broad reporting needs of the entire organization, they often fail to meet the needs of the more sophisticated analytic groups within an organization. Analytic Data Marts (ADMs) are targeted data solutions that are more flexible than an EDW, typically focusing on a specific department (e.g. Marketing), function (improving the Quality of Care), and/or the capturing, monitoring and storing of key performance indicators (KPIs) that link strategy with tactics. Data integration and data transformations can often be more intense for an ADM, as the purpose is often to answer an analytic question or solve a problem of a higher-order.

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