d-Wise Provides a Variety of Consulting Options to Get Your Project Going

d-Wise offers a variety of implementation services to help our customers quickly and effectively deploy integration solutions. Our consulting team combines its in-depth domain knowledge in Life Sciences and Healthcare with technology expertise and business process integration best practices across the project lifecycle to accelerate return on investment (ROI) for our customers. 

Consulting services are often requested by customers, especially for the initial deployment and implementation of the first project. These services are by no means a necessity and sometimes a training session for skilled IT staff is enough to get started and successfully utilize the system.

These implementation services are especially useful if the customer requirements are complex, or if the project needs to meet tight timelines or the customer organization's IT team is busy with other priorities or has a gap in its skill-set.

d-Wise Proof of Concept:

To confirm a d-Wise solution meets your needs


You are interested in an integration solution and have short-listed some qualified vendors, including d-Wise. You want to confirm whether the d-Wise integration product will meet your requirements and business needs. You may require a quick implementation of your project, or you may be evaluating a number of vendors and wish to compare solutions.


As part of this engagement, d-Wise will support you in your evaluation and test process. Depending on the scope of your project, we will either assist your team in building a prototype or build a proof of concept and demo it to your team.

d-Wise Quick Start:

Rapid Implementation by d-Wise Consultants 


You have decided on an integration and want to leverage d-Wise expertise to get started quickly with your project. The project scope has been defined and documented in a SOW with a goal to enable you to complete your solution on your own, or provide your team with what they need to get started on your initial project.


As part of this engagement, a dedicated d-Wise expert will assist your team in their initial steps with integration. They will jointly review the requirements and design the overall solution. The implementation work will start with co-development of the solution. This will ensure your projects starts off smoothly and ensures success and quick deployment. Mentoring and change management are a key focus of this engagement. With the knowledge transfer from d-Wise experts, your team will quickly gain proficiency in utilizing the technology themselves moving forward. 

d-Wise Complete Package:

Deploy a complete integration solution in the shortest time possible


You have chosen d-Wise to integrate and want to leverage our expertise in quickly implementing and deploying the solution to meet your urgent business goals. Your project team is incomplete because you need d-Wise experts to assist with the design and development of the solution. Goal is to deliver a complete solution that is deployed and ready to use.


As part of this engagement, a dedicated d-Wise expert will assist your team in their initial steps with integration. They will jointly define and document the functional and technical requirements. The overall solution will be designed and a design document prepared for sign-off. A highly iterative approach is taken at this stage to build-test-review the solution a number of times until it is ready for acceptance testing and deployment into a production environment. This ensures the overall success and timely completion of the project.