1 Can the system be used for general file sharing needs?

Yes, there are multiple ways to share and control access.

2 What SAS clients are supported?

There are standard configurations for using Display Manager SAS (DMS or “PC SAS”), Enterprise Guide, and SAS Studio (browser-based). Alternative editors can be supported as well. Contact us to explore your specific client needs.

3 Does the standard offering include Microsoft Office?

Yes. The standard offering includes MS Office (64 bit) package with Word, Excel, Access, and other bundled products.

4 Does the standard offering allow end users to access the filesystem using desktop tools like Word and Acrobat to view output files (reports) created by SAS programs and other scripted/programmed processes?

Yes. All customer data, whether created by uploading, programming, or point-and-click desktop tools resides in the file system of the same hosted server to which the end user logs on. This means that end users can simply pop up windows explorer and navigate to their analysis results in the same manner as they navigate the hard drives of their laptop.

5 How to users connect to the environment?

CAP users can connect using remote desktop or mapped drives, depending on your access. Connections are secured by VPN.

6 Have you and this platform passed a system audit?

Yes. We have undergone vendor audits from many of our clients and passed those audits.

7 As part of getting set up on the platform, would you work with us to ensure the system overall (including our processes) is validated, change controlled and maintained in compliance? ...and generate sufficient validation documentation for us to survive a client audit?

d-Wise implements and validates the standard offering under d-Wise processes and provides you with a validation package of complete documentation at the conclusion of the implementation. The system is implemented and maintained using d-Wise standard operating procedures. We recommend that the customer document and perform the performance qualification (PQ) step of the validation plan because the end user process should describe and scope the performance qualification of the system. In the interest of speed of implementation and cost savings, we recommend that customers choose the standard offering which means choosing d-Wise processes. If you prefer to implement a solution using your processes then d-Wise provides a custom offering where addition cost and time may be required.

8 Does the offering manage user and group permissions? Do you have access controls on your file store?

Yes, the system has user and group-based file permissions for storage.

10 What if we require applications that are not included?

We want the system to grow with our clients needs. The standard applications are ready out-of-the-box and d-Wise will work with you to introduce additional apps as needed.