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Life Sciences News - How to deploy a secure, compliant, cloud-based SAS clinical computing platform…in 24 hours!


April 20th, 2017 | 11 am to 12 pm EDT

This webinar will introduce attendees to the concept of..

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Life Sciences News - Policy 0070 Under the Microscope: The Trade-off Between Clinical Trial Transparency and the Risk of Revealing Patient Identities

The last few months have seen a battle build between the pharma industry and the EMA, following the..

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CDISC Conformance Rules

On Jan 27th, 2017, CDISC quietly released a significant supplement to SDTM, the SDTMIG v3.2..

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Summarizing The 21st Century Cures Act

FDA gets $500M to modernize, but will the focus be real world evidence and data summaries, possibly..

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Healthcare News - Data silos holding back healthcare breakthroughs, outcomes

A health data disconnect between clinicians and data scientists is wasting precious medical..

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Life Sciences: Making the Complex Less Complicated

Today’s modern organizations must operate in a complex environment filled with regulations,..

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EMA Policy 0070: Teams and Responsibility


Nowhere to hide.

"Policy 0070 has put the frighteners on Regulatory Affairs teams, especially..

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2 Key takeaways on Standardized Study Data - FDA's Guidance for Regulatory Submissions in Electronic Format

Two years ago, the FDA published final guidance requiring the submission of standardized study..

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Accelerate Implementation of Advanced Analytics with a Data & Analytics Blueprint

There’s a tremendous amount of complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity in today's healthcare..

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EMA Policy 0070: Data Utility - Striking the Balance

The democratization of clinical trial data: An unwanted gift?

For all the fuss about greater..

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