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Life Sciences News - CDISC and PhUSE Evolve Partnership to Strengthen Interdependent Process

Excerpt from CDISC's Article "CDISC and PhUSE Evolve Partnership to Strengthen Interdependent Process" | September 21, 2017


"Austin, TX – 07 SEP 2017 –
 The Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) and the Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange (PhUSE) announced today an evolution of their partnership to strengthen their work around the development and implementation of beginning-to-end standards.

CDISC and PhUSE have enjoyed a productive, working relationship for over 13 years. The two non-profit organizations partner to further each other’s mission, with CDISC, its members and volunteers providing their expertise to develop global, platform-independent data standards, and PhUSE and its over 8,000 members serving as the industry voice to regulatory agencies and standards organization with expertise in implementing standards. CDISC and PhUSE combine efforts on key initiatives, around end-to-end standards and semantics, strengthening an interdependent process.

 “I am so impressed with the members and leaders of PhUSE,” commented CDISC CEO and President David R. Bobbitt. “PhUSE does an exceptional job of facilitating the implementation of CDISC standards. I look forward to our expanded partnership in the creation of more resources and tools to support implementers around the globe.”"

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d-Wise's Insight on CDISC's Article

d-Wise team members have served in key leadership roles with PhUSE; as such, we are excited at the prospect of a stronger partnership between PhUSE and CDISC. CDISC's focus has always been to develop and release standards that can better support clinical research, while PhUSE has focused on supplementing those standards with best practices, additional tools, and collaboration with industry and regulatory agencies to improve standards implementation. 

Scott Bahlavooni, Senior Consultant at d-Wise and PhUSE Working Group Co-Director, believes " Strengthening the PhUSE-CDISC partnership will provide new opportunities for standards developers and implementers to collaborate more effectively.  We have already seen this manifest as a recent co-hosted PhUSE-CDISC virtual round table. This event enabled the CDISC QRS team to quickly gain insights from the PhUSE implementation community." The article describes how CDISC and PhUSE continue to work together more closely by defining collaborative projects across both organizations.


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